Asia’s top 10 Luxury rankings released mainland accounted for 6 seats in Shenzhen, a luxury winpm

Asian luxury rankings released, accounted for 6 seats in Shenzhen houses listed Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhao Xiaona Beijing) by the world entrepreneur group, "world entrepreneur" magazine, the world real estate academy hosted the "President" magazine jointly compiled and published the 2016 "Asian top 10 super luxury" ranking 26 in Hongkong announced India’s richest man Ambani private mansion antila ranked first, Hongkong peak mansion TWELVE PEAKS ranked second, Shanghai ranked third in a mansion. According to reports, 2016 "Asian 10 super luxury" survey within Asia famous villas and luxury apartments real estate, the Real Estate Institute of the World Development Mansion index model based on LEI, and reference on International Luxury Estate ranked access standard. According to the list, China, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Turkey accounted for the 2016 top 10 super luxury list of the top 10 seats. Among them, 5 mainland China, Hongkong, China,, India, Turkey, 1, Singapore, 1, Indonesia, 1. China, other selected residential projects and Guangdong Residence Internazionale, Shenzhen Donghai Island, Guangxi Tianjin Meishu triumph of Nanning No. 1 and Jiangsu Suzhou, Suzhou No. 1 hospital financial record?. World Real Estate Institute report shows: in 2016, the biggest highlight of the Asian luxury market is still in china. China’s luxury market is affected by policy tilt, land supply and demand and other factors, showing the situation of rising prices. With the real estate business gradually return to a second tier core cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin, the size of the real estate transaction soared, luxury unit price per square meter has more than 100 thousand yuan. World Entrepreneur Magazine editor Ding Haisen said: over the past 5 years, the global luxury industry rose by about 4%, while the annual rise of about $8% in Asia, mainly affected by the soaring Chinese luxury market. However, in order to Hongkong as the benchmark for Asian luxury market stamina somewhat inadequate, in the first quarter of this year, Hongkong luxury rental fell 5.2%".相关的主题文章: