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Stress-Management Stress is not a very pleasant experience, but unfortunately life throws some strange and unsuitable situations at us that challenge our ability to remain calm. We can make a list for the reasons for this stress and it will become endless. But as you may know, stress is a necessary thing to help in productivity and with our fight or flight mentality. We dont want to be strolling around eating grass all day. If we do that, then something is going to eat us. There are ways to relieve stress so that we can keep our hypertension (high blood pressure) down and help us maintain a balance at social events, work, and home. The ways for relieving stress center around relaxation, physical and mental. Here are ten ways to become less stressed out: 1. Dont focus on the problem, focus on the solution. Think about something positive, not negative. Concentrate on a funny moment or something enlightening in your life. For example, a birth in the family or some situation where everybody laughed hard. 2. If stress is hitting you hard at work, change your seating position or go for a walk outside. Changing your physical environment can change your mental state. 3. Try to sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours every night. Going to sleep early and having a proper sleep pattern will allow you to feel more relaxed each day and less prone to procrastination and lethargic behavior. You have heard the saying, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise, havent you? Well, theres a reason our ancestors created this phrase. Its true. 4. Have a regular routine of exercising to relieve your daily stress. Go swimming, take a walk, go for a run, punch a sandbag, sing for an hour, climb trees, go bicycling, make love. Let your physical activity burn the stress out. 5. Listen to some music. Sounds that invokes feelings of serenity such as sea waves, running streams, birds singing, forests, or slow soft music can act as an excellent reliever. 6. Massage your head or meditate. Gentle rubbing of your scalp is a very effective way to put you at ease. Meditation and also massage techniques offer great therapy. Closing your eyes and focusing on one thing, such as your controlled breathing, is a good way to mediate. 7. Play a game or do a crossword puzzle. Brain activities like these help you find relieve from stress by shifting your focus away from whatever is stressing you out. It is a known fact that computer game lovers enjoy obliterating aliens or warriors as a means to alleviate stress. Perhaps you have heard that drugs dont work when it comes to relieving stress. Its true. Being lethargic or stressed should not mean reaching for the pharmaceuticals. Stimulants cannot remove the problem or help you forget it. Uppers will bring you up and downers will bring you down, but your problems will still be around. Grab a bottle of water or juice instead and enjoy the feeling of refreshment. As part of this list explaining ten ways to relieve stress, this is probably the most effective method. Laughing brings a brighter side to your daily life. Read, listen to, or tell some jokes. Laugh loud and hard. If you want to start leading a healthy life and improve your ways of tackling daily stress to feel better each day, follow these ten tips to relieve stress. Author: Fred Horstman has experienced many things in his long life. He has sold over 5,000 pieces as a professional potter. He has been a gardener and an educator for over 30 years. He enjoys upcycling kimono obi and blue jeans into hats and bags. His present goal is to help oldie newbies in Internet Marketing, like himself, with information and suggestions. Check out his blog at: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Stress-Management RSS Feed | RSS feed for this author 相关的主题文章: