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  announced the nomination list of popular movie hundred flowers; what you care about most? – the media – original title: popular movie award: what are you most concerned about? "The wolf" is the biggest winner of the award nomination, not only nominated for best film, Wu Jing also won Best Screenplay, best director two nominations. "Dragon" wolf "tactic" "remember" catch demon "Sherlock" "worry" the sun burning heart 5 film won the thirty-third popular movie Hundred Flowers Award nomination; Xu Chengyi, ur good, Peter Chan, Wu Jing, Guan Hu was nominated for best director; Jing Bairan, Deng Chao, Feng Xiaogang, William Feng and Huang Bo will compete for the best actor, Bai Baihe, Xu Qing, Yu Nan, Zhao Wei and Hsu Chi will compete for the best actress – this is the recent twenty-fifth China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie award in Beijing announced the award nominations. Look at the title, actor, a top one is hard, who can win the best "crown" in the end, only to September 21 – 24, twenty-fifth China see the Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival. Suspense: "101" "8" destiny "in accordance with the relevant provisions of the articles of association of" popular movie Hundred Flowers Award Best Award this year, 8 who gets the final will be composed of 101 spectators judges at the award ceremony in the final assessment committee voted. The thirty-third popular movie award the audience vote since the start of May 17th, attract many people to participate. As of August 10th, received a total of 26850918 votes of all types of votes, including paper ballot 6822448 votes, an online vote of 20028470 votes. China Film Association, deputy party secretary, vice chairman of the meeting Zhang Hong revealed that the ballot paper votes than the previous vote has been a substantial increase. In addition to the ballot paper recovery phase 6-7 in 2016 with "popular film" magazine in the ballot paper, during the period from June 15th to August 10th, Chinese Film Association commissioned Chinese Film Association, in the 47 major city, according to the market development to be 100 furniture has a good reputation and influence in the region of the theater, the establishment of the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers audience voting station. Reporters learned that the first round of work from this session of Hundred Flowers Award audience judges have been completed in July 29th, then two times the audience judges selected work. All 3 extraction work is completed, will ultimately determine the 101 visitors from all over the country composed of thirty-third judges, the final assessment committee of popular movie hundred flowers. Among them, because the host city is Tangshan City, the judges in the audience of 101 seats in Tangshan audience judges will account for 25 seats. The 51 aspect: the film you in addition to the Film Festival Award Ceremony, as well as domestic film screenings recommend, rooster, Hong Kong and Macao International Film Festival Film Festival and ethnic festivals four Festival activities. In the domestic film screenings recommend, there will be 51 domestic film screenings, including 15 films during the festival and creative will meet the fans. In the Golden International Film Festival, there are more than 20 countries and regions)相关的主题文章: