AFC Champions League debut for the first time to lose in the face of the trend, the team showed imma-lara fabian

AFC Champions League debut for the first time, the loss of the face of the trend, the team showed immature – Sohu sports   (reporter Xiao Nan) yesterday, Shanghai Hong Kong team debut for the AFC Champions League, but in the first round of group games away 1 to 2, lost to the Australian Melbourne victory team. Have the luxury of foreign aid attack on the Hong Kong team did not form a joint force to frighten opponents, while local defender Lv Wenjun in a defensive foul "to" match winning penalty, and the day before Vietnam draw with Pingyang Jiangsu Su Ning team, the Hong Kong team to "internationalization" forward, need to do a lot of homework. After qualifying score out of Thai montho united, the Hong Kong team for the first time to qualify for the race before God AFC Champions League, El Eriksson and Qianyao Heng Feng again gathered to the Hong Kong team Conca Sweden coach Erickson and he’s on the AFC Champions League race competition full of expectations. The visit to Melbourne yesterday on the Hong Kong team victory, with luxury foreign aid attack the oppression of offensive play turn from a guest into a host, quite some "teams" style. But their opponent is removed from the AFC Champions League arena for years "old fox", playing against them to control the pace of more experience, to counter the higher quality, Ingham twenty-third minutes from benefiting from such a mature back play. As in the past the impact force of the mysterious Conca dribbling and aierkesen, just another Ji’an assistance in fifty-first minutes by always muddle along without any aim, Lv Wenjun substituted. Super foreign aid can not form a super force, the Hong Kong team offensive contact gradually by the powerful team open, although Wu Lei El Eriksson received fifty-first minutes pass after once the equaliser, but with a handful of such high quality door. The accidental substitute Lv Wenjun and other teammates on the field were obviously not on the same channel. He scored seventieth minutes later, and Seth’s foul was judged by the referee in the penalty area. The images showed that the foul was reckless, whether or not the ruling was controversial. Libeisha use the foul penalty into the penalty, but also help the home team to lock the victory. The Hong Kong AFC Champions League race lost the first battle, on the surface have a direct relationship with Lv Wenjun’s reckless foul, but if not on Hong Kong in the frontcourt players with a lack of efficiency and speed, chances will not miss this one, will not ruin the team foul. Erickson said, "the Hong Kong should not lose, because we played well the process", but the scene China reporter does not seem to agree with this argument, they think, now on the Hong Kong team for the international competition environment is also very strange, also a lot of Hong Kong team need to learn lessons. 亚冠正赛首度亮相上港输球 面对大势球队显稚嫩-搜狐体育     本报讯(记者 肖赧)昨天,上海上港队首度亮相亚冠正赛,却在小组赛首轮客场1比2不敌澳大利亚墨尔本胜利队。拥有豪华外援攻击线的上港队没有形成震慑对手的合力,而本土后卫吕文君又以拙劣的防守犯规“送给”对手决胜点球,与一天前被越南平阳逼平的江苏苏宁队一样,上港队向“国际化”迈进,需要做的功课还很多。   在资格赛大比分淘汰泰国蒙通联队之后,上港队首度晋级亚冠正赛,前恒大神锋埃尔克森与前腰孔卡的再聚首令瑞典教头埃里克森和他麾下的上港队对亚冠正赛竞争充满期许。昨天做客挑战墨尔本胜利,上港队凭借豪华外援攻击组合反客为主,其压迫式进攻打法也颇有些“强队”风范。可是他们的对手是混迹在亚冠赛场多年的“老油条”,他们对于比赛节奏的把控更有心得,反击的质量更高,英格汉姆第23分钟的破门正是受益于这样的成熟反击打法。   孔卡的玄妙盘带和埃尔克森的冲击力一如既往,只是另一位名援吉安始终浑浑噩噩,第51分钟就被吕文君替换下场。超级外援无法形成超级合力,上港队攻防接点渐渐被强悍的主队队员冲开,尽管武磊第51分钟接到埃尔克森传中后一度扳平比分,但这样高质量的门前配合屈指可数。意外替补登场的吕文君和场上其他队友显然不在一个频道,他第70分钟放倒巴巴罗塞斯的犯规动作被裁判认定发生在禁区内,图像显示,无论判罚是否存争议,这样的犯规都显得鲁莽。里贝沙利用这次犯规罚进了点球,也帮助主队锁定胜果。   上港亚冠正赛首战告负,表面上看与吕文君鲁莽的犯规有直接关系,但如果不是上港中前场球员配合缺乏效率和速度,破门良机也不会一一错过,这样的犯规也不至于葬送球队。埃里克森赛后表示,“上港不应该输球,因为我们的过程踢得不错”,可是现场中国记者似乎并不认同这样的说法,他们以为,现在的上港队对于国际比赛环境显得还很陌生,上港队需要恶补的功课还很多。相关的主题文章: