Acquisition of gold eye gold eye recognition company blink can pay homefront

The ant payment service acquisition eye recognition company: "blink" will be able to pay on September 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the Alibaba’s ant payment service to $70 million acquisition of U.S. Missouri Kansas biometric technology company EyeVerify. According to informed sources, after the completion of the transaction, EyeVerify will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ant clothing. Once the transaction is completed, this is the first ant payment service investment in the United states. EyeVerify is a biometric technology company, is developing technology to extract data points from the eyeball photos, in order to replace the password and fingerprint recognition technology. According to reports, EyeVerify verification process, including the shooting of eye photos and verification of information in two steps, the user can log on to the site after verification. The development of EyeVerify software through the eye to identify the user, mobile phone users will be out in front of him, just staring at the mobile phone camera, to both sides of the rotation of the eye to complete the shooting. EyeVerify said its accuracy rate of more than 99.99%. Ant gold service hopes to use EyeVerify biometric technology to protect the security of consumer online data and transactions. Of course, it also hopes to use EyeVerify technology to upgrade their security systems, and ultimately will be applied to the future of the u.s.. Founded in 2012, EyeVerify, now has $13 million financing, investors include Samsung, Sprint and Qihoo 360. There are more than a dozen major financial institutions in the use of EyeVerify technology. Last December 2015’s ant payment service the most important product of Alipay has been equipped with face recognition technology, Alipay on-line face login function, the user can replace the brush face account password login alipay. Ma Yun also in March last year in Hannover, Germany, CeBIT trade show on the face payment feature. But for now, brush face payment acceptance is not high. There are many other online payment services are also beginning to use biometric information to confirm payment, such as Apple Corp’s fingerprint scanner. (Wang Kaka) original title: "the ant first gold suit American Investment: $70 million acquisition of biological verification company" editor: Zhang Hailei相关的主题文章: