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Sports-and-Recreation Alternative sports have become incredibly popular among today’s youth and even young adults. Skateboarding, roller blading, BMX biking, and others started to gain popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. When ESPN introduced the X Games to celebrate the professionals of extreme sports, alternative sports were introduced to the entire country and to the world. Since then, skateboarding has become a much more acceptable sport. There are millions of kids around the country who call themselves skateboarders. They frequent public areas and skate parks, exploring and improving their skateboarding skills. Albert Cyprys has been a longtime supporter of the good that skateboarding can create in people. Albert Cyprys has seen kids find inspiration, confidence, and courage through skateboarding. These lessons carry into their future lives as professionals and adults. One of the best places to go to improve one’s skateboarding skills is a camp called Woodward in Pennsylvania. Albert Cyprys has heard about this camp from many of the skateboarders he knows in the New York area. It’s not too far from New York City and many skateboarders head there in the summers. Woodward was originally a gymnastics camp but eventually moved into skateboarding, BMX, and roller blading. It is known as one of the best skateboarding camps in the world. Woodward constantly upgrades and maintains some of the best facilities in the world. The camp employs some of the best professionals in their respective sports for the duration of their summer camps. The facilities are designed with instruction in mind. Woodward prides itself on being able to instruct kids and adults in some of the most difficult maneuvers and tricks to perform in a safe environment. Foam pits and other devices help skateboarders remain unharmed trying to take the next step in terms of new and challenging tricks and techniques. Woodward has a variety of facilities that skateboarders can use to learn and practice on. There is the cage, the skate plaza, the F-bowl, the outdoor street section, the playground, and the skate-able art area. All of these are designed with different purposes in mind. In terms of training, the Cloud 9 facility is a high-tech training facility to help people get used to vert ramps and perform tricks that are otherwise dangerous to learn. This is just a brief explanation of all that Camp Woodward has to offer. For skateboarders, there’s no better place in the summer than Woodward in Pennsylvania. .albertcyprys.brandyourself../ 相关的主题文章: