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Fashion-Style If youd like an indicator of which silk tie style is evolving, then have a look at what Channel 4 anchor man, Jon Snow is wearing. His reputation for impeccable taste in ties is highly regarded, and his favourite designer, Victoria Richards. Having perfected print techniques Victoria has been working closely with Britains longest established silk weavers to develop a range of richly textured woven silks. They reflect the vivid colours used in print that originally attracted the attention of Jon Snow, but weave adds another dimension not possible to achieve with print. Victorias, unique approach to design offers another level of choice for customers seeking individuality and the quality that you expect from the fashion capital of the world. Victoria has worked with leading British and European fashion designers and produces a range of accessories and garments under her own label, which sells all over the world. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum London and the Museum of Fashion and Textiles, New York. She hand prints the designs and experiments with colour placement and proportion and then selects the patterns before .mitting to print, or weave. If youre looking for a return to traditional quality then do a little research on these names, youre sure to unearth a wealth of products you never knew existed and that in it self can be rewarding: Victoria Richards, Vivienne Westwood, Ian Flaherty, Timothy Everest, Veritas Gifts, Duchamp and Ralph Lauren. If youre not familiar with some of these names, not to worry, nows a good time to change things around: The internet is a good way to start your research and learn quickly just what youve been missing all these years. Even the names you know have new surprises each season, so it pays to keep yourself in the loop. But the name we want to hit on now is Victoria Richards. You can trod the high streets and surf the net but youll be hard pressed to find anything that .pare with liveliness of her woven silk ties. Few brands can brag true distinction, Vivienne Westwood, Duchamp, Ralph Lauren, Victoria Richards, and Ian Flaherty are some that .e to mind. Principally based designers are positioned to reap the rewards as customers demand a return to quality as defined by original designs that are made under ethically controlled conditions, preferably on British Soil Perhaps this is an opportune time for budding designers to exhibit their cufflinks, and if you want your designer silk tie to be seen? you know where to begin. A closing historic anecdote: 1860, the Prince of Wales ordered a short smoking jacket to wear at informal dinner parties at Sandringham from his friend, the tailor, Henry Poole. It was the first dinner jacket on record and was cut in midnight blue cloth. In 1886, a Mr James Potter of Tuxedo Park, New York, was a houseguest at Sandringham. He consequently ordered a similar dinner jacket to Bertie’s from Henry Poole & Co. It was this dinner jacket that Mr Potter wore at the Tuxedo Park Club inspiring numerous copies that fellow members wore as informal uniform for stag dinners. Thus the Tuxedo was born at Henry Poole & Co. It took only eight years for an accidental style to cross the Atlantic and soon became an American institution, but what of its origins. Theres value in originality, quality and good style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: