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UnCategorized Mr. Guy Gandenberger has served as Acting Vice President of Wafer Fab Operations since July 2002.Most recently, Guy served as the Managing Director of Santa Clara Wafer Fabs at National Semiconductor. Prior to that he was employed by Asyst Technologies as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.He also spent ten years in a variety of positions at LSI Logic, Where his last position was Director of Operations of the VLSI CMOS division.Mr. Gandenberger holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College and an M.B.A. from Golden Gate University. "Mr. Guy Gandenberger is a valuable addition to Micrel’s management team,and will contribute significantly to the Company’s continued growth.Since joining the company, Guy Gandenberger and his team have enabled Micrel to reach new heights while becoming a world-class manufacturer of integrated circuits," said Raymond D. Zinn, President and CEO of Micrel. Speaking about Mr. Guy Gandenberger is incomplete wihtout speaking about Micrel semiconductor. Micrel Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer of advanced,high performance communications, clock management, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver, mixed signal, analog and power ICs.These products include devices for fiber-optic telecommunications and networking, cellular telephones, servers, portable computer systems,computer peripherals, process control systems, consumer electronics and power supplies. Darren Gander is E-websmart Senior Creative Director.With the hard work demonstrated by Darren Gander and team E-websmart is a marketing development company that assists clients from around the world convey their marketing messages through the use of the Internet and other media. Darren Gander strongly believes," While another person is talking, a polite silence is golden For it displays for the other’s intelligence and point of view" Emily Gander is Fitch Ratings Associate Director of the Public Finance Division.Fitch Ratings is a leading global rating agency committed to providing the world’s credit markets with accurate, timely and prospective credit opinions.With the hard work demonstrated by Emily Gander and team along with the foundation of organic growth and strategic acquisitions,Fitch Ratings has grown rapidly during the past decade gaining market presence throughout the world and across all fixed income markets. Emily gander strongly believes," A difficult customer is a dark cloud with a silver lining. He is your golden oppurtunity for providing your mettle as a sales person. Win him over and you have have sharpened your techniques of satisfying customers and getting more business" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: