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A Longyan woman died in the rental housing to avoid arousing suspicion even according to her boyfriend postmortem outdoor Longyan public television channel reported the death of his girlfriend in the rental housing, boyfriend instead of alarm, in order to avoid arousing suspicion will also his body abandoned in the alley. On suspicion of insulting the corpse, the man was recently prosecuted to the court. 29 year old Xie and two children born out of wedlock girlfriend liu. In November 8, 2015, in the vicinity of Xinluo District West Po Street ocean water Xiemou rent a rented room, because some trifles two people were having some problems, then leave Xiemou rental housing. The defendant Xiemou: she said to go to work tired then I called her not to go to work, the back is very angry, because she does not want to bring a child, there is nothing behind, no quarrel. Xiemou leave rental house, until 12 p.m. or so before once again returned to the rental, and the immediate scene let him be frightened and change color. The defendant Xiemou: the day when I go back to see my wife lying on the bed, the whole person was stiff, and I was very sad and very afraid, put her back to the outside. I was afraid of being suspicious, I took her out. Seeing Liu has died, Xiemou worried Liu’s family doubted Ryu killed, in order to avoid the attention and doubt, he will Liu’s body out of the room in a deserted alley, abandoned home of more than 10 meters in a dead end, and Liu’s bag, slippers other items abandoned. Six days later, Liu’s body was found by the masses, and reported the matter. After identification, Liu exclude mechanical injury and poison of physical violence and homicide, because the body is not clear whether severe autolysis, sudden death due to some important organ diseases. The second day, Xie Mou was arrested. The defendant Xiemou: at that time did not want the consequences, back out. The crime of insulting the corpse refers to the act of damaging the dignity of the body, or hurting the feelings of the people, in the form of exposure, indecency, damage, painting, trampling, etc.. According to the "criminal law" provisions of the theft, insulting corpse, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control. To this end, the prosecution prosecution according to the law, that the defendant Xiemou against folk customs, postmortem outdoor, their behavior has violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 302nd, criminal facts are clear, there is ample evidence should be held criminally responsible for the crime of insulting corpse. Court, Xiemou said voluntary confession. Judge: when you find your wife died in bed, why didn’t you tell her family, you let her expose the corpse in the wild, what is your own mind? Defendant Xiemou: I’m sorry for her.相关的主题文章: