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Software Many technology .panies have unique needs that impact revenue recognition, which in turn impacts profitability, internal visibility and .pliance. The revenue cycle can be further .plicated by issues such as convoluted revenue recognition rules, .plex billing, contract renewal variances and regulatory .pliance restrictions. Revenue management software, such as Tensoft Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can have significant impact on day-to-day business operations by streamlining business processes, providing efficient time-to-revenue recognition, and detailing fully auditable and traceable processes, for instance. Although the .panies that use Tensoft RCM vary widely, its interesting to note what these firms have in .mon. Initially, a typical RCM customer has .plex billing needs, such as the need for recurring billings or usage-based measured billings, as well as the need to manage deferred revenue and revenue recognition policies. They are often overwhelmed and are looking for a reliable, automated way to over.e their problems. Most often, a typical, new customer will have thousands of records of billings transactions and deferred revenue balances in an Excel spreadsheet that must be updated manually on a monthly basis. Often, more than one user or department is updating the spreadsheet, in addition to the finance department. Manually managing large volumes of business-critical data in Excel is notoriously prone to error, so these .panies are in need of a system, like Tensoft RCM, that offers a repeatable and consistent process for managing their revenue in a reliable manner. A typical issue is recurring billing for maintenance contracts. This is quite a .mon issue and one that is a high pain point for many .panies. Most .panies have annual billing and deferred revenue recognition rules for maintenance. They need to set up these billings in advance, so that in twelve months, they’ll be able to go back and remember to bill their customers. Tensoft RCM revenue management software takes care of this by allowing the user to define a recurring payment schedule to streamline the billing processes. The software also allows users to put email reminders in place before the maintenance renewal is due. This way, a document can be attached to the contract so the details of the contract are always close at hand. .panies that have implemented Tensoft RCM are not only making use of the features provided in RCM, they are also creatively adapting them to their business processes and business needs. Many are saving time by streamlining inefficiencies and eliminating manual data entry, noticing a tangible increase in productivity. With RCM, there is a .mon data set for tracking contract details which increases data visibility while allowing for better and more accurate reporting. These streamlined .panies place tremendous emphasis on their newly improved ability to see forecasts whether a recurring billing forecast for a customer or a forecast of revenue recognition by fiscal period. This improvement also extends to their end-customers in terms of allowing them to better-understand their billings, forecasted billings and forecasted revenue. One of the primary benefits of relying on a system, like Tensoft RCM for revenue and deferral management is .pliance. RCM helps its customer .panies by applying rules consistently and tracking changes to transactions by user login. This is impossible if revenue is being managed in a spreadsheet, since a spreadsheet is only as accurate as the last user’s edits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: