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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews As noted before in the first part of this series, preserving and extending battery life on cell phones is paramount to a good experience. For without power, the phone is simply a brick that you are carrying around. Here are a few more tips and tricks to get more juice out of your battery: 1) Turn it off: Mobile phones have be.e ubiquitous and we have them with us at all times. Its the easiest way for the world to reach us. But what most people forget is that in the end, these are still machines. Do you keep your .puter, TV or other electronic items running as continuously as your phone? Cooling down your cell phone can only be achieved by switching it off. The battery gets some much needed rest time, and in about 10 minutes, is ready for round two. Really, would it be so bad to spend 10 minutes without your cell phone in every two days? 2) Use a genuine charger: This point cannot be stressed enough. If you have lost the charger that came with your phone, or if you are looking to buy a second charger to use at office, make sure you go to an authorised dealer and buy a genuine duplicate of your charger. Yes, the Chinese-manufactured chargers available in our markets are a whole lot cheaper, but they are also not adapted to the wattage that your phones battery needs. This can reduce battery life drastically and significantly, leading you to change the battery itself in many cases. 3) Backlight timing: The backlight of your phones screen drains a lot of battery in just turning on and off. To save battery, go to your phones settings and change the timing of the backlights fading to the minimum possible. If you have a habit of constantly tapping a button to bring your screen to life in order to check if youve missed a call or message, stop! This is draining so much battery from your phone, its not even funny. We will soon have a few more tips and tricks to keep your Mobile Phone going like the Energizer bunny About the Author: 相关的主题文章: