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Arts-and-Entertainment Carpet cleaning is a gruesome household chore. And I have to admit, vacuums are too heavy. For some of us, vacuuming is a basic maintenance for our carpet flooring. Carpets has to be vacuumed once a week, and more often in areas with heavy traffic. Vacuuming on a schedule prolongs the life of the carpet by preventing buildup of nitty-gritty particles in your carpet fibers. If we do not vacuum on a frequent basis, dirt will accumulate in it and will create hazards to health especially if you have children. Aside from the outside dirt that gets stocked in the carpet fibers, there are various carpet cleaning problems that we all face, which is normal like stains and spills, and odors. Spots and spills can be.e stubborn if we do not give immediate attention to it. If it happens, clean it immediately. If the spill is still fresh, your have a good chance of removing it totally. Do not rub the spilled area as it will tend to spread the problem, so carefully blot it first before applying a cleaning solution. But first, test your carpet to make sure that the cleaner won’t damage or discolor the carpet. When you apply the cleaning product, work from the outside of the stain toward its center to avoid spreading the satin. After applying the solution, blot the moisture with a damp cloth (preferably white so it won’t stain on the carpet) or a paper towel very carefully. If there is still moisture after blotting the carpet, place an inch-thick of white towel over the spot and weigh it down with a heavy object to suck up the moisture. The life of the carpet usually spans in two to four years depending on how you take care of it. Constant vacuuming or spot cleaning can prolong its beauty but there are other ways too to help it live longer. Some carpet cleaning .panies have deep-cleaning services which is ideal for carpets that are matted and sticky; carpets that are no longer the same when you bought it; carpets that has grimy circles from the chairs; or carpets that releases dust storm when you run across your room. Unless you have the time and strength to do a thorough and heavy job, it is time to call a carpet cleaner. You have to consider that not all carpets are the same and may require different techniques for cleaning. You should also be aware that beverage spills are not just your problems when it .es to carpet. What if your carpet is soiled with mud or urine (nasty odor)? How about loosing threads on your carpet or burned carpets from over-vacuuming? Aside from beverage spills, carpet discoloration, carpet odors, burned carpeting, loose threading on carpets and other carpeting problems, H & A Janitorial Services, a Texas carpet cleaning .pany, also listed these stubborn stains that banes any carpet: acid stains, alcoholic beverages (leaves a nasty smell), blood stains, spilled butter, candle wax, catsup stains, chewing gum, coffee stains, crayon, gravy stains, salad dressing, urine and vomit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: