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Health There are several myths regarding mental disorder today, notwithstanding the medical advances and how media tends to change opinions about it. This suggests that there is still insufficiency when it comes to information dissemination on this matter. Individuals diagnosed with mental illness are commonly called crazy people. It’s noted that mental disorders are not considered true medical illnesses, while those among the legitimate ones are brain diseases. Based on research results, the biological and genetic causes of psychiatric problems can now be effectively treated. Oftentimes, people having severe mental disorder display violent and dangerous behaviors. In fact, violent incidence in individuals with brain disorder is not really that higher than in bigger population. Psychotic people are usually confused, despairing, and frightened over those violent individuals. The mental disorder like schizophrenia is being confused with multiple personality disorder, but is really a type of brain problem affecting the ability of victims to think logically and clearly. It’s estimated that about 2.5 million Americans diagnosed with the ailment suffer delusions, hallucinations, and social withdrawal. These people were able to recover from the condition and have productive and fulfilling lives through medication. Meanwhile, teenagers or children aren’t affected by depression as well as other illnesses, but they can have serious mental problems. Statistics show that one in every ten adolescents and children in the U.S. are have severe mental illness causing them impairment. However, only 20 % of them are properly treated. Keep in mind that these illnesses get worse when left unattended. It is also suggested that those who are talking about committing suicide should not be taken for granted. Although electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or shock therapy is known to be a barbaric and painful treatment, many severe depression sufferers consider it effective. ECT serves as a substitute for other treatments such as medication or psychiatric therapy. ECT treated patients are spared from any sensation during medication because they are under anesthesia and asleep. On the other hand, individuals with problem associated to drug abuse are bad or weak. Usually, addiction is a disease caused by changes in the chemistry of the brain. But this doesn’t mean that people who misuse drugs or alcohol are bad. The combination of drug abuse and mental condition formed the condition called dual diagnosis, which is now treatable through the drug treatment programs offered by dual diagnosis treatment centers. In general, many people don’t receive necessary help since they’re embarrassed to ask for medical help, rooted to the myth on mental illness. This can, however, be made much better if people were educated on mental illness and not on its fallacies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: