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The Air Ambulance And Small Towns Posted By: Travel Care Air There is a lot of debate on the expansion of our industry over the last three decades. Since we started, the air ambulance industry has exploded, with many helicopter and fixed-winged operations springing up almost overnight. What has led to the growth of the air ambulance industry? Several factors, including costs. But in a free-market supply and demand are always the number one factor in growth. One of the reasons why demand for an air ambulance has been on the rise is because of the closures of small town hospitals. Small towns used to be outfitted with hospitals all over the country, however many factors have led to the dwindling of rural hospitals all over the country. According to a story published last year by US News AND World Report, over 40 small town hospitals have shut down in the United States since 2010. There is also an estimated 300 hospitals that are in danger of shutting down at some point within the next several years. Several factors are contributing to the shut down of these hospitals. Demographic changes are the leading cause of rural hospital struggles.
air ambulance Choose The Right Seating Arrangement Helicopter Tour Hawaii! Posted By: GLF Are you visiting Hawaii? Well in that case you cannot miss upon helicopter tour Hawaii. In case you have already decided about this then there are several considerations you will have to make. Some of the considerations are leg space, seating arrangement, reliability of the tour operator, etc. Among all the factors seating arrangement is the most important thing to consider. The very first thing that you need to know is that majority of the tour providers will have around six passengers seating arrangement which comprises of two passengers in front and four at the back. This refers that two people will be going to be seated in the middle seats in the back and will have restricted view. There are basically two kinds of helicopters available that is A-star and Eco-star which carries around six passengers. Usually the eco-star is a bit nicer in comparison to that of the A-star. The main reason behind this is that they are the ones that provide some more room, less noise and more window space. You will find that there are some helicopter tours Hawaii that accommodate only four passengers. These are the kinds of tours that are very rare to find.
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Denis Vincent Quebec Vegas Thanksgiving Chopper Tours To The Grand Canyon Posted By: Kylie Weber Instead of lounging around your house eating turkey over your Thanksgiving holiday, why not take a fun helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon instead? The bright city is one of the best places to start a your adventure from, with air tours departing daily. Vegas is close enough to the Canyon that it only takes around an hour to fly there. Make sure you get in quick, though, because these tours are in high demand. For that reason, you want to book your tour in advance so you can lock in your reservations. What’s On Offer? One of the best things about flying from Vegas, is that you get even more on your tour than just the Canyon itself. The helicopter ride will take you out past the Hoover Dam, and the adjacent Lake Mead. You can book an air-only tour that flies around the West Rim and then returns to the city, or you can book a landing tour that sets down at the Canyon. One of the best things of taking a flight to the West Rim is that helicopters are allowed to land there.

thanksgiving las vegas About Black Friday Grand Canyon Heli And Plane Offers Posted By: Kylie Weber You’ve heard about the great Black Friday deals you can get at the various stores on that day, but did you know you can get some great travel deals too? For instance, would you like to score a discount rate on air tours of the Grand Canyon? Fortunately, you can! Tour companies have special deals ready for Black Friday for tours that go to the West Rim or the South Rim that depart from Vegas or Arizona. So which rim will you choose? The adventurous West Rim or the scenic South Rim? Vegas Air Tours Vegas offers a diverse range of tours, designed to suit any budget and touring schedule. You can take an air-only tour, or you can take a landing tour. All tours take you over some impressive sights on your way to the Canyon, including Lake Mead and the iconic Hoover Dam. The air-only tours provide beautiful scenic views, but if you want a little adventure too, then book a landing tour. There’s one that lands at the bottom of the Canyon, and you can enjoy a Champagne picnic, and even a Colorado River boat ride.

black friday grand canyon Most Popular Grand Canyon Thanksgiving Heli And Plane Tours Posted By: Kylie Weber Are you looking for a fun way to spend your Thanksgiving holiday? A break from work and school is nice, but there is no reason to just lounge around the house and stuff yourself with turkey. Why not take a trip out to Nevada or Arizona, and experience the area with a Grand Canyon flight? Tours are available now, but can sell out quick, so it’s best to book early. Tours Out Of Tusayan A lot of people automatically think of the West Rim when thinking about the Grand Canyon. While this is the most popular tourist destination, it’s not the only one, and flights from the South Rim can be just as exciting. You get to choose from two different helicopter tours of the South Rim. One is a 30-minute tour that takes you to the North Rim and circles back, and the other is a 50-minute tour that includes a flight to the North Rim along with a flight over to the eastern edge of the national park. The 50 minute tour only costs a little more, and it allows you to see up to 75% of the park.

helicopters las vegas Grand Canyon Chopper & Airplane Trip Specials For Halloween Weekend Posted By: Tracy Delvecchio Halloween is soon going to be here, and you should take the chance to have a little fun over the holiday. One idea that’s fun is to take an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon, and you can catch one in Arizona or Nevada. You can take a helicopter tour or an airplane tour and customize your tour package with a variety of options. You’re sure to find a tour filled with fun things to do that fits right into your budget. Best Grand Canyon Chopper Tours Grand Canyon air tours depart every day of the year except for Christmas Day, so on Halloween, the tours depart as usual. The Nevada flights lift off from the Vegas Strip, Henderson, and Boulder City in Nevada. However, you can also depart from Tusayan, Arizona, which is situated near the South Rim. One reason you may prefer to book a Vegas tour over a Tusayan tour is that the flights that depart from Vegas are allowed to land at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. The air-only tours are thrilling, but the landing tours let you see the canyon up close and personal as well as from the air.

grand canyon Grand Canyon Adventures – Do A Summer Sightseeing Flight Posted By: Tracy Delvecchio Even though summer is almost over, there is still time left for another fun adventure. A fabulous idea is to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon National Park. If that sounds like a great idea, then you’ll want to know these tips for getting a good deal on the best tour. Temperatures Are Hot Summer might be over according to the calendar, but it is still quite hot at the Grand Canyon this time of year. It is hottest at midday, so you may want to schedule a morning or afternoon tour. Flying at sunrise or sunset is not only cooler, the sky is beautiful then. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable on your flight, since all the air tours offer climate control, but if you’re taking a landing tour, be sure to dress for the weather. Wear light clothing and a hat, and be sure to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Fly In Comfort In An EcoStar 130 When you book a Las Vegas air tour, you can fly on a state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 chopper. These offer a lot of personal comfort and give you the best viewing opportunity.

grand canyon Most Recent Government And Engineering Occupations Online Posted By: Dayindelhi Government occupations are getting back again sublime position planned for some employment seekers. Since it’s partnerships is just not joining considerably more staff because of the monetary downturn. Therefore, you don’t have a profession and afterward bunches of individuals are going proposed for government livelihoods, and they’re making arrangements for government occupations. At that point previously that will how you may get certainties with respect to superb government work. Thusly, they could utilize a great deal more method for, for example, first we choose your profession case alter this issue – nearby government work barrier work, conventional bank work and the sky is the limit from there. The greater part of these site pages permit you to explore the errand inside government, and we could discover realities with respect to government portion occupations. The vast majority of these website pages let you get certainties regarding joining press discharges inside nationalized banks, government-possessed firms, and the military administrations, and in addition the city administrations. They give an aggregate record joined with nearby government work potential outcomes and government work.
Most recent government and Engineering occupations online Air Ambulance Types Posted By: Travel Care Air The air ambulance industry has existed for almost 100 years now and during that time the services have evolved. From medevac services offered only in the army, the air ambulance industry has grown to help anyone in need. There are several different types of air ambulance planes that can be used to help people in need. Whether it is an accident that requires immediate attention or a longer journey home, there is a right air ambulance for any need. A helicopter air ambulance is the most common form of air ambulances. The helicopter is how the industry started. There is some debate on when the first helicopter was used to transport an injured person, however most people point to WWI as the beginning. Since then multiple companies have formed to help that use helicopter air ambulances. The helicopter is the most common air ambulance and used for the most immediate needs. Typically helicopters are called into use when there is a car accident that has to close a highway, for example. Helicopters can be used for shorter flights in remote areas as well, where rescue can be affected by terrain.
air ambulance Las Vegas Activities – Chopper Rides To The Grand Canyon During Labor Day Posted By: Kylie Weber There’s no better place than Las Vegas to set off on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Labor Day 2015 is the last long weekend of the year, and it’s the last major national holiday before Christmas. Make it special with an air tour. Air Tours Of The West Rim Las Vegas is closest to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is just 125 miles away. The Las Vegas helicopters fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on the way to the canyon, in all, it takes about 45 minutes to get there. The West Rim is unique because it offers both landing, and air only tours. The air-only tours offer beautiful aerial vistas of the canyon, and the good thing is they are less expensive than the landing tours. The landing tours are the most fun because you can explore the canyon from the ground after you land on the canyon floor or on the top of the rim, plus, you still get to have an aerial tour of the canyon in the chopper too. You may want to consider taking the bottom landing tour that comes with a champagne picnic.

grand canyon helicopt las vegas Grand Canyon Flights – Best Helicopter, Airplane Tours Over The Labor Day Holiday Posted By: Kylie Weber Wondering what’s fun and exciting for a 2015 Labor Day celebration? For an unusual way to celebrate, take an air tour of the Grand Canyon. There are both helicopter and airplane tours available, with plenty of options to suit any budget. Las Vegas Air Tours Vegas is the place to begin an air tour of the West Rim. When you book your tour, you get to select an aerial tour or one that lands at the canyon. As the names suggest, an air only tour will give you a flyby of the Grand Canyon, whereas a landing tour will set you down either at the bottom of the canyon near the Colorado River, or at the top rim. You can save money by taking an air only tour, but if you can work it out with your budget, a landing tour will provide the best experience. Even though the landing tours set down at the canyon, they also fly over it so you get an aerial tour along with some fun activities on the ground. One could allow you to have a champagne picnic at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and you could even add on a boat ride.

grand canyon helicopters Grand Canyon National Park Airplane Rides Through The Labor Day Vacation Posted By: Tracy Delvecchio Labor Day will soon be here, and that means the opportunity for a summer airplane tour of the Grand Canyon is about over. Lots of people are taking their last vacations of the summer, so the tours will fill up fast. Airplane Tours Departing From Vegas You can take an airplane tour out of Vegas that flies over the West Rim or the South Rim. The flight to the South Rim takes about an hour, but the West Rim is closer, and you can get there in around 30 minutes. You could drive from Vegas to the South Rim too, but that would take six hours on the road each way. There are two kinds of airplane tours. One tour stays in the air and the other lands at the canyon. Since all the planes fly along the same route from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, you’ll get to see the Colorado River, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead no matter what kind of tour you buy. The landing tours stop over at the Grand Canyon so you can enjoy some land activities there for a while, but the air-only tours just fly over the canyon before heading back to Vegas.

grand canyon airplanes Incredible Grand Canyon Heli And Plane Flights For The Labor Day Weekend Posted By: Tracy Delvecchio It’s that time of year again, Labor Day weekend is almost upon us. This September, from the 5th until the 7th, millions of Americans will celebrate the last long weekend of the year. If you want to make yours the best yet, then why not take a Grand Canyon sightseeing flight tour. With Labor Day coming up fast, you’ll need to decide on your tour package and make your booking within the next week. Flying From Vegas You will be able to choose from landing tours, and aerial flyovers, when flying from Las Vegas. Landing tours are the most fun, especially the one that flies down to the canyon floor and lands by the Colorado River. This tour includes a nice champagne picnic and you can also add on a river boat tour that is very scenic and fun. That’s not all, though. You could also add on a landing on top of the rim. That will give the chance to explore the area on foot and experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is an amazing structure made of steel and glass that allows you to stand suspended thousands of feet above the floor of the canyon.

grand canyon Grand Canyon National Park Heli Trips For Labor Day Holiday Tourists Posted By: Tracy Delvecchio Touring the Grand Canyon by helicopter is a fantastic adventure for a holiday getaway. With Labor Day just around the corner, why not book your tickets to tour the canyon from Las Vegas? Vegas is a great place to start your helicopter tour because you’ll get your choice of a landing or air tour. Both of these tours take the same route to the canyon, which means you will fly over the colossal Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Of course you will end up at the highlight of the journey, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon itself. While the air-only tours circle the canyon and head back to Vegas, the landing tours stop at the canyon so you can get out and explore the area. Las Vegas Landing Tours While you have a choice in tour types and upgrades, one of the best choices is the deluxe landing tour that departs from the Strip in Vegas. The deluxe tours are superior because they fly on the advanced EcoStar 130 helicopter, plus you’ll get free hotel transportation in a limousine.

grand canyon Grand Canyon Flights – Best Heli, Airplane Tours For Labor Day Travelers Posted By: Kylie Weber Summer is drawing to a close and the Labor Day holiday will soon be here. This September, from the 5th until the 7th, millions of Americans will celebrate the last long weekend of the year. If you’re looking for a fun and unusual way to close out the summer, why not take a sightseeing flight tour of the Grand Canyon? With Labor Day coming up fast, you’ll need to decide on your tour package and make your booking within the next week. Flying From Vegas You will be able to choose from landing tours, and aerial flyovers, when flying from Las Vegas. Book a landing tour if you can, one of the most popular ones is where the chopper flies to the canyon floor and sets down by the Colorado River. A lot of people like this tour because it comes with a champagne picnic and you can add on a boat ride for some extra fun. You can even do more fun things. Helicopters can land on top of the rim too. This will allow you to check out the sights from the top of the canyon, and you will even get tickets to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk.

grand canyon Grand Canyon Airplane – Very Best Labor Day Sightseeing Rides Posted By: Kylie Weber Labor Day is just around the corner and that means there isn’t much of summer left to boost your Grand Canyon airplane tour from Las Vegas to the beautiful South Rim. Since many people are using the holiday to squeeze in one last summer trip, the tours will sell out quickly. Las Vegas Heading from Vegas, travelers can take air tours that go to either the West Rim or the South Rim of the canyon on a tour plane. It takes about a half hour to fly from Vegas to the West Rim and around an hour to fly to the South Rim. You could drive from Vegas to the South Rim too, but that would take six hours on the road each way. There are two kinds of airplane tours. One tour stays in the air and the other lands at the canyon. Both will fly you above Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Colorado River, before flying over the canyon. The tours that are marked air only will only take you in a loop over the canyon, while a landing tour will let you explore it.

tips deals grand canyon Grand Canyon Heli Excursions For Labor Day Holiday 2015 Posted By: Kylie Weber Grand Canyon helicopters provide awesome sightseeing experiences, all year round. Since Labor Day is nearly here, it’s the perfect time to start planning a weekend in Vegas and a canyon tour. Vegas is a great place to start your helicopter tour because you’ll get your choice of a landing or air tour. They both follow the same flight path, so you’ll get aerial views of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam no matter which type of tour you book. And both tours also provide awesome views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Air tours provide impressive fly overs, while landing tours throw in a little extra for those who love adventure. Las Vegas Landing Tours While you have a choice in tour types and upgrades, one of the best choices is the deluxe landing tour that departs from the Strip in Vegas. Deluxe tours offer extra in that you will receive a limousine shuttle to and from your hotel, and you will fly in the state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 helicopter. You can take one of these tours on a chopper that flies down to the canyon floor so you can get out near the banks of the Colorado River.

grand canyon Grand Canyon Helis – Which Rim Will You Visit? Posted By: Kylie Weber When visiting the Grand Canyon on a helicopter tour, you have two options. You can tour the South Rim or you can tour the West Rim. Here’s some help deciding which one of the rims to visit. First, you must select your starting point. The tours depart from Vegas in Nevada and the South Rim in Arizona. The South Rim tours depart from an airport located in Tusayan in Arizona. It is near the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park. Vegas Air Tours The helicopters that depart from Vegas tour the West Rim only. The reason, is that the South Rim is too far for them to travel. The South Rim is 277 miles from Las Vegas. So if you want to visit the South Rim and are in Vegas, your only option is to take an airplane tour. The West Rim is one of the most fascinating places in the Grand Canyon. Located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, it is 125 miles east of Las Vegas. The rim has an elevation of 4200 feet and the climate is quite arid. There is one big advantage to touring the West Rim.

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