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A homeless man, a phone call and $41K later Fellow Internet Marketers and Advertisers, The purpose of me writing this review is to give you an impartial opinion about the product in question. I want to give you an honest review of Copy The Blueprint before making your final decision whether to purchase the course or not, and if you are undecided maybe you should read this. In this review I will tell you exactly what Copy The Blueprint is, what youll get when you purchase it, how you can benefit from it and how It will help you earn income online. FIRST-TIME-EVER: Jamie puts his ultimate revenue stream masterpiece on video and file for your personal use, and released only for a short period of time… So lets get started: What is CopyTheBlueprint ? CopyTheBlueprint Is The New Cutting–Edge System for Internet millions where users are making at least $346 per day working from home with their computer. The video shows you how to make 900% ROI using extremely crafty and undercover secret PPC tactics… What’s included in this unique money-making system? This exclusive affiliate marketing system allows you to copy Jamies tried and tested pay per click blueprints that will rake in the cash! Copy The Blueprint contains a remarkable collection of lucrative plans and the system which also contains an in-depth training video collection. I’ll BET you $500 on something I discovered. Remember how people were saying that 2009 was a recession. Ummmm, let me prove them all not only wrong because they did not know this existed … This is a BRAND-NEW money making machine that requires zero experience: This secret system is sending shock waves of surprise to almost everyone I know. Those secret plug-it-in templates generate $124,787 EVERY 25 to 30 days – even if you are not ‘motivated’ at all! Watch the FREE videos there – it’s a homeless man who is making money from this system! I have yet to find a system that even comes close. You are GUARANTEED to make really good money. Just try this and you’ll see why several ordinary people are secretly getting out of the job market. There are TWO factors that proved this: 1. Countless of real, verified testimonials from ordinary people showing proof of results. 2. Even more testimonials from well-respected earners on the internet…. Check inside how easy this thing is. I am using it myself and take a wild guess how much I’m doing on it??? Trust me. This thing is the most powerful money-maker in existence. It works whether you are in debt, lazy, or just plain don’t like ever doing work. These are the training videos for that you get with your purchase: Video 1: Millions Made Online This is the ultimate film on internet marketing an exclusive CopyTheBlueprint video. It will teach you exactly how to stay ahead in this competitive market, and can give you an incredible insight on how to dominate your competitors. Video: 2 Getting Started Get an insight into the functioning of CopyTheBlueprint through this video. It will help you with a crystal clear understanding on why CopyTheBlueprint is the best! Video: 3 Workshop #1 Never used PPC or Adwords before? No need to worry, CopyTheBlueprint has everything it takes to make you an Adsense and PPC expert. In fact, you would be surprised to know that it is possible to make more than $4000 a day using these PPC campaigns. Video: 4 Workshop #2 This video has the most coveted secrets of the article marketing world. It facilitates you to post your affiliate marketing links easily, absolutely no costs involved! Video: 5 Workshop #3 It shows you exactly how to determine on the right niche and how to avoid the wrong ones. Strong niches form the basis of strong business and hence this video will prove to be a valuable asset to your business online marketing endeavours. Video 6 : Workshop #4 Search Engine Optimization: Get your site to #1 on Google with serious strategies no one knows about. These tactics are the best "legal" Google and Yahoo friendly methods that will bring you intense #1 results, and show you how to get #1 ranking on all major search engines. Video 7: Forum Marketing This is a video which is alone worth thousands of dollars, simply because it can help you make tons of cash by giving you the best secrets of forum marketing. Video 8: Offline Billions This video shows how to perfectly blend offline and online strategies to maximize ones profits. With this video, you can earn a 7-digit monthly income. Video 9: Make a fortune by selling your website It is now a well–known fact that website flipping is extremely profitable. This video will show you how you can sell a profitable website for a onetime fortune. Video 10 : Endless Profits The right time has arrived. It will show you how to start your campaigns and then watch the profits pour into your account. Observe the boosting of the sales and the campaign, it will teach you the ultimate way to dominate your competitors in any niche. Again, if you are truly ready for never having to worry about money ever again–just COPY Janies blueprints immediately. There is simply no way to fail. It’s impossible to not make money, this I promise. Check out what ELSE you will receive with CopyTheBlueprint! Unlimited access to ad creator software so you’ll never need to write another ad in your entire life, if you dont want to. Lifetime access to the constantly updated CopyTheBlueprint strategy guide that will stun people even into 2012, no kidding. Instant access to more than 40 bonus campaigns for $$$ where you can copy them right away. Access to an unbelievable video collection on how you can make millions on the internet. Infinite access to all money making campaigns of CopyTheBlueprint, which are updated every single time they need a fast "profit tweak". Yes, this is a very easy system–it’s like someone cutting you a real check for $120k. Worst case: you will earn a full–time income working from home – that I can at least assure YOU, if you do nothing else. So, that about raps it up for CopyTheBlueprint . Be sure to check out the rest of the story here at the WEMP-product Review Page I hope that this information will be useful and informative to you summary: If I had to recommend just *ONE* program to easily retire with – this would be the one that you should not miss. The homeless guy caught on VIDEO proves that. It not only works FAST but also is virtually effortless once you set and forget it. Even if you are advanced, this system can literally double (if not triple!) your current income by letting you copy what a millionaire does. 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