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Home-Improvement Choose the right exterior shutters to enhance the beauty of your home should be an easy decision, right? Wrong! "Honey, I chose the blue" just will not do. You have options to consider before make a buy, you will live for years. Your choice of exterior shutter will have a significant impact on the style of your house well beyond "what color?". WHAT STYLE? Selecting the best architectural style of your exterior shutters should be your first priority. Each type has its own history and tradition: LOUVERED This classic style covers the broadest range of applications, blending well with most modern residential designs. Carpenters chose the idea louver to make good use of small pieces of wood and to allow some sunlight to penetrate windows closed. Unfortunately, bees and spiders like the spaces between the slats. These are more difficult to maintain. RAISED PANEL For an authentic look of colonial, nothing substitutes for the beauty of solid exterior shutters designed panels inserted in a frame. The Craftsmen had to choose carefully the large panels of wood to avoid splitting and gluing involved meticulous assembly and tightening. Panel exterior shutters are also .fortable with Federal, Colonial, and Craftsman style homes and look great with brick facades. Less problems and bugs are easy maintenance Extras, too. .BINATION Can’t decide between strips and the panel? Choose a ".bination" style, in which the top panel is louvered and the bottom is solid. It was a .promise for the .mon light relative to the force in colonial America, and looks very well for today’s homes, too. BOARD-n-BATTEN Inspired by carpenters practice that has created the look of the town n country homes coastal New England, almost rustic simple design is the first choice along the coasts and shores of lakes and even in the desert southwest. Register or spaced, heavy planks secured by horizontal slats facing the toughest weather without fear. Maintenance and repair of storm are easy for this style of exterior shutter distinctive. BAHAMA Also known as Bermuda or Hurricane shutters, this design approach has long been familiar in coastal Virginia in the Keys, and promoted well in modern subdivisions in Arizona and New Mexico. Practice and structurally stable, Bahama exterior shutters can be manufactured to meet strict codes of Miami-Dade. This style remains one of the last truly functional .ponents in modern America. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: