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Business It’s time, Ladies. It’s time to rule – and rescue! – planet Earth. Humankind is evolving faster than a hummingbird hula-hooping, and our singular strengths are the headlamps guiding us out of the collapsing mineshaft of "Ye Old Way." "Women, it turns out, are built to lead – particularly in the modern world," says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher. Based on what she calls our "web thinking" (as opposed to males’ more linear "step thinking"), we have distinct, evolution-bolstered gifts designed to excel right now. Fisher cites intuition, imagination, long-term planning and networking among our gender’s gene scene. Not coincidentally, these traits are shared by successful entrepreneurs. "But I’m not an entrepreneur!" you say. Oh really? Do you organize and manage your life (a budding enterprise if ever there was one) with considerable initiative and risk? Do you play the odds, move mountains, make decisions and invent solutions as often as you’re supposed to do your Kegel exercises? Then yes, incorporated or not, you’re an entrepreneur at heart. And Female Entrepreneurs are at the heart of a major cultural and philosophical shift – in power, productivity and possibility. Thanks to ideological momentum plus mind-blowing advances in technology, all signs point to seven feminine-laced virtues that are changing the way we all live, work and play together. 1. CREATIVITY "Web thinking" means discovering 1 + 2 sometimes equals kumquat. Creativity allows us to riff off that answer with purpose, passion, and elegant flair. 2. COMPASSION A profound capacity for empathy helps us understand our neighbors’ trials, tribulations, and triumphs, too. Compassion inspires us to take action – like volunteering, sending care packages, cooking casseroles, and launching mission-driven organizations. 3. COLLABORATION Listening to others without feeling threatened, then blending the best ideas to solve specific problems. What woman doesn’t get a thrill out of mixing a pinch of this with a dash of that to create something new, better, and delightful? 4. CONNECTIONS As in, making lots of them. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn certainly help. We socialize in life, and keep strong, meaningful connections going with the tools available to us. 5. COMMUNITY When Hillary Clinton said "it takes a village…" she immortalized the phrase. These days, your "village" could be a local one, an online cooperative, or a global community of like-minded souls united by a bold vision or venture. 6. COMMUNICATION I once heard the average man mutters 7,000 words per day, while his ovaried companion squeezes 25,000 words into her daily repertoire. By glare, gab, blog, bootie shake, text message, or gesture, we gals definitely revel in revealing what’s on our minds. 7. CRAZY! Seal sang it best: "Oh we’re never gonna survive, unless, we are a little crazy." Fight it or flaunt it, but don’t dare deny it – crazy is a chick thing. We may as well use it to our advantage! These seven "C’s" are giving us – the world’s Female Entrepreneurs – the winning edge that makes things all work out, against all odds. And with crazy as our ace in the hole? Not only can we grasp the kumquat equation in No. 1, we can live, learn and love at full blast. No boundaries, bras optional. Once and for all. About the Author: Lani Voivod (@LaniVoivod on Twitter) is a Female Entrepreneur, co-publisher of the Inciter ezine and "A-Ha!" blog, and co-creator of the "A-Ha!" Success Kit, the Down ‘n Dirty Marketing Planning Program, and the 6-Week Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp. Become a Fan of Epiphanies, Inc. at .Facebook.com/AhaYourself , to stay connected to the social marketing & success strategies biz she nurtures and grows with her husband, Allen. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: