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.puters-and-Technology In this exceedingly .petitive market, every business firm strives hard to retain their customers while catering to their ever-changing needs. Financial enterprises like any other business work in order to cater all their customers expectations. At the same time, they face certain hindrances in data maintenance and being able to adhere to certain regulations. Furthermore, they have to optimize their operations so that they can stay at pace with the .petitive market. Financial enterprises have their own unique way of business transaction and operation. Similarly, their need for a solution designed specifically for Microfinance .panies and NBFCs too are different and unique. They need a small business financial management software that has been set up with all the basic functions and covers the total working of a .pany firm, dealing in hire purchase and other allied business. A solution like this would assist the financial enterprises to fulfill their customers needs better, and enhance their operational efficiency simultaneously. These .panies require a unique solution to cater to their unique needs. These solutions are all time tested and offers customized assistance, as every business is different from the other. The solutions are .prehensive in nature and cover various minute aspects of financial management that sometimes goes unnoticed. Today these solutions have already successfully made their way to the reputed financial houses in Sri Lanka, India and the Middle East. .panies providing solutions catering the non banking financial institutes also offer innovative Manufacturing ERP solutions . Small business financial management solutions are aimed at .panies, that are small to medium sized and are Non-banking Financial Services .panies both in India and abroad. They provide much relief to the firms that are otherwise not able to afford an all-inclusive financial software solution that would manage the various aspects of hire purchases, loans, deposits, leases and other essential customer contracts. The Financial software solution addresses the various business needs of Retail Lending, Corporate Lending and SME loans through the modular search. Selected business modules are listed below- 1. Personal Loan 2. Finance & Operating Lease 3. Factoring 4. Term Loan 5. Asset Loan 6. Working Capital 7. Hire Purchase Hence, it does not matter if yours is a small business, you are likely to make profits and undertake important investment decisions for expanding your business. A financial management will make it easy for you to make most of the financial decisions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: