Plant Extract The First Good Category Whose Export Figures Exceed 10 Billion Dollars-巴雷特m82a1

Business Plant extracts develops fastest in export of Chinese medicine industry. It can be regarded as an eternal sunrise industry. In 2011, exports figures of plant extract are 1.13 billion in China. It becomes the first category whose exports figures are over 1 billion dollars. After years of development in plant extracts, its exports values exceed $ 1,000,000,000 in first time. It means Chinese plant industry reaches a new height. In view of the export situation, the export of planting extract has the obvious characteristics of industrial clusters. The first five provinces and plant extract manufacturer are in Shandong, Yunnan, Shanghai, Hebei and Zhejiang. The ranking of provinces and cities has the advantages of industrial clusters and regional trade advantage. Because of the particular plant resources and climatic conditions, such as Yunnan in the plant pigments and flavor and fragrance products plant processing area occupies a distinct advantage; Shandong stevia extract, and flavorings industry with resources advantages, coupled with the port trade advantage, so a number of The companies are ranked in the export leader. Similarly, Hebei has been formed to dawn biological pigment industry cluster, with the advantage of cluster development. This can be seen, China planting extract industry is growing with a leading trends of the industrial clusters with large enterprises. The development of plant extracts industry is becoming increasingly health. Press the zoning, plant extracts can be divided into pharmaceutical and health category, food additives, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics use category. Among them, extracts of food additives in recent years has been on the momentum of growth development, mainly due to global natural source pigment products in recent years gradually heated, the synthetic pigment is gradually replaced by natural pigment, such as capsanthin, leaf flavin curcumin become the best-selling products in the global food additives. Pharmaceutical and health category of the advantages of traditional products, stable demand in recent years, steady growth momentum. In addition, the export of flavors and fragrances class had become a dark horse posture, based enterprises in the export of such products in recent years has climbed rapidly. So it deserves special attention. Stevia extract is single specie which is deserved to be mentioned for pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers. With rapid growth in recent years, stevia has developed into one of the most important plant extracts. And a few large enterprises that are based on stevia extract have ranked in the forefront for many years. Drops in abroad demand have many causes. For example, EU market allows using stevia extract as a food additive, but the related laws and regulations in the field do not have timely specification. So in a short period of time, it is failed to stimulate demand. Extract industry will usher in a new period of adjustment. And the competent departments may improve industry access threshold by the period of adjustment. It will strengthen quality supervision and the industry may have a new round of reshuffle.Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: