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Networking Xoai healthy chocolate varies from the chocolate we eat every day in that it has a health-improving quality. This quality may be the power of the antioxidants within its two major .ponents: cacao and aai berries, top antioxidant-rich foods on the planet. Antioxidants are vitamins or enzymes that are capable of counteracting the damaging – even if normal – results of the physiological progression of oxidation in tissues. Oxidative stress occurs when you can find too numerous free radicals (extremely unstable atoms or molecular fragments having a deficient amount of electrons) and also few antioxidants to counteract their effects. The same progression of oxidation causes iron to corrode or peeled apples to turn brown. Free radicals scavenge the body to grab or donate electrons, thus unavoidably harming in the process cells, proteins, even DNA. Antioxidants block oxidative processes by neutralizing free radicals, but concurrently, the antioxidants get oxidized themselves. This implies that we should regularly refresh our antioxidant resources. The Xoai product line includes the Xoai Nuggets, that have an antioxidant content of 3,120 (ORAC value) per piece, while the advised daily ORAC value is 3000-5000. Then, you can find the Omega Squares, that also constitute a supply of Omega-3, the Xoai Activ energy drink, the Powerhouse Cookies, the Xoai Sipping Xocolate, the Protein Bar, the XoBiotic squares with probiotics. A few of the products claim to have only organic and low-glycemic sweeteners and to be diabetic-friendly. Xoai chocolate is a product of MXI Corporation in Reno, Nevada, whose owners, Andrew N. Brooks and his mother, Jannette L. Brooks founded this .pany in 2005. This doesn’t mean that they are new to the market. It’s Mrs. Jeanette Brooks’ 4th attempt, in fact, following: Yurika Foods, a health food business that filed for bankruptcy in 1985, immediately after profits disappeared from the firm; Phoenix International Corporation, which declined and disappeared after the FDA observed that the sugar content of these cookies was in excess of label claim; and Pure De-lite Inc., which faced .plications and ceased manufacturing their successful Pure De-lite product variety, just after receiving a warning from the FDA referring to the carbohydrate content, mistakenlystated on the label of their chocolate bar. The truth is, however, that most of these items had good sales and all were declared to be highly tasty. Right after creditor problems and a trials history, the founders seem to have learned from their mistakes, so the Xoai line of products has been tested and licensed by a third party examining service, the Brunswick Laboratories. Another issue that’s useful to know before you look at the opportunity would be that the .pensation plan can be described as a typical binary plan. Also, in order to remain active in the organization, you have to make a monthly sale of a $110 case of items. Let’s say that you can earn your way by little item sale and earn bonuses from the growth of your two "legs". What could still be disadvantageous concerning the business is that, if you consider taking it on the internet, and perform some research, you’ll see that every MXI distributor has his own unique internet site, some of which include fake or misleading claims that might undermine your efforts to build an honest enterprise. Quite a few MLM .panies these days take the wise path of providing their distributors with official, authorised websites. If you decide that Xoai might be the best choice of online enterprise for you and you are also willing to assume the risks along with the benefits, all that is left for you would be to build the details of what will make it a successful one: the best inter. site, ways to get traffic to it, e-mail campaigns, lead capture pages, as well as a back-office system that will help you supervise all. Finding the best tools is not simple, with such a big number of marketing systems and marketing tools on the inter. nowadays. For this reason a outstanding idea for you will be to find an experienced inter. marketing mentor with some MLM background as well, who may help you make the best choices. If you decide against Xoai, you will most probably find the right venture for you soon (I see you are doing your study!) and must get moving, so why not plan ahead a little bit? A good inter. marketer will also be able to advise you on the right sort of businesses to select. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: