Does Your Pet Have A Strange Obsession And Is It Always Health Related-乃々果花

UnCategorized As we grow with our pets it quite obvious when they have strange little obsessions that are hard to explain. Some people be.e quite worried about the obsessions, especially if they think it could be related to poor nutrition or other health issues. Our pets are like our children, so of course we worry about them, although could there be a much simpler explanation? What if your dog just can’t stop licking the dirt and conducts this activity continuously throughout the day. This is what one lady has experienced with her 9 year old Havanese dog, and he licks the earth so much that he has developed a moustache. This condition actually has a name, and it is referred to as ‘Pica’. Although as a concerned pet owner, you may be worried your dog isn’t getting the right nutrition and minerals, it is a condition that occurs even in those dogs having the best nutrition possible. Pica is more of a habit that is formed, where the pet has learnt to enjoy the sensations, such as texture and taste, that can be obtained through licking the earth, even as unappealing to us as that may seem. What about a different kind of obsession, a sensory one involving squeaking toys? A Scottie owner has discovered that her beloved dog is obsessed with the sound of squeaking dog toys, and when the squeak disappears, so does her dogs interest in the toy. This lady is certain that her dog has extra senses, as she claims that if a toy squeakless, her Scottie will not touch it at all and has enough perception to know that, just by looking at the toy. Expert advice has stated that the problem could possibly relate more to boredom with the toy, knowing that it has played with it previously. Perhaps this sensory Scottie just likes things to be brand new and this could be a very expensive obsession for the owner to deal with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: