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The disabled guy on the streets "write" earn money: learn the skills on antithetical couplet – Sohu News newspaper February 4th news (reporter correspondent Zhang Wenju Cheng Xia) "a hundred years to dominate the rivers as heaven and earth vitality and peace", "full of joy of Spring Festival decorations". February 3rd at noon, the reporter saw Bai Yaowei in the city of Changzhi East Street side of the road when he was cold with his arms holding writing antithetical couplet. Bai Yaowei is a 37 year old pine village Qinxian Ni village, 1995 working in Taiyuan when he lost his hands to touch the high voltage line. He was not crushed by the cruel reality, kept exercising, learned to wash his face, dress, and do housework. Last year, I liked drawing and drawing from childhood. He attended the calligraphy training class in Changzhi disabled employment service center. "Employment difficulties, just want to learn some skills, self-reliance."." Bai Yaowei said, "I started writing my brush with my mouth, but it was always drooling, and I couldn’t practice it. Then think of arms holding training, after a period of time, can also be found." Bai Yaowei told reporters that his left arm was 20 cm, the right arm is only in the joints, writing need two arms was holding the brush, is very difficult to write a backache, but he never gave up. He has been practicing for a year, and he has made great progress in writing brush. By the end of last year, Bai had sold some antithetical couplet paper, hoping to make use of their own special skills to support themselves. He said: "now sold on the market rarely handwritten couplet, are some printed matter, in fact, handwritten couplet not only can reflect the profound traditional Chinese cultural connotation, its content is also more humane, can express people’s expectations for the new year." So with the help of friends, he spent nearly a month to write more than 500 antithetical couplet, entered the twelfth lunar month will get on the street to sell. Because it hasn’t been to the Spring Festival, and the weather is cold, the number of people who buy couplets is very small, and he sold only dozens of pairs a week. "In one or two days, I have to go home. There are so many couplets left and I don’t know what to do with it." Looking at the couplets piled up on the hill, Bai Xiang shook his head helplessly. Bai Yaowei said that his family’s economic situation is difficult, his parents farming, he has been unable to find a job due to physical disability, currently staying in the disabled employment service center provided by the dormitory. Fast Spring Festival, the center will also have a holiday, he can only go home, "couplet all 2 yuan processing, hope to earn some home fare."."

残疾小伙街头“写”对联挣路费:学本领自食其力-搜狐新闻  本报2月4日讯(记者 张文举 通讯员 程霞)“百年天地回元气,一统山河际太平”,“欢天喜地度佳节,张灯结彩迎新春”。2月3日中午,记者在长治市区东大街的路边看到白耀伟时,他正在寒风中用手臂握笔写对联。   现年37岁的白耀伟是沁县松村乡倪村人,1995年在太原打工时不幸触碰高压线,失去了双手。他没有被残酷的现实击垮,一直坚持锻炼,学会了洗脸、穿衣、做家务。去年,从小就喜欢写写画画的他在长治残疾人就业服务中心参加了书法培训班。“就业困难,就想着学一些本领以后自食其力。”白耀伟说,“刚开始我用嘴咬住毛笔写字,但总是流口水,无法练习。后来想到用手臂握笔,练了一段时间后,发现还可以。”白耀伟告诉记者,他的左手臂仅剩20厘米,右手臂也只在关节处,写字时需要两只手臂用劲夹着毛笔,非常吃力,写一会儿就腰酸背痛,但他从未放弃。就这样坚持练习了一年,他写毛笔字有了很大进步。   去年年底,白耀伟批发了一些对联纸,希望用自己的特长自食其力。他说:“现在市面上卖手写对联的很少了,都是一些印刷品,其实手写对联不仅能体现中国深厚的传统文化内涵,其内容也更人性化,可以表达出人们对新年的期盼。”于是在朋友的帮助下,他用了近一个月的时间写了500多副对联,一进腊月便拿到街上出售。因为还没到春节,加之天气寒冷,购买对联的人非常少,他一个星期只卖出了十几副。“过一两天我就得回家了,剩下这么多对联也不知道该怎么处理。”看着堆成小山的对联,白耀伟无奈地摇了摇头。白耀伟说,他家的经济情况比较困难,父母务农,他因身体残疾一直没有找到工作,目前暂住在残疾人就业服务中心提供的宿舍。快过年了,该中心也要放假,他只能回家,“对联全部2元处理,希望能挣些回家的路费。”相关的主题文章: