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Russell was talking about: nothing that you feel have hit at the nub of the body know how to comprehend the pain of sina sports news Beijing time on February 11th, according to the "Losangeles Daily News" reported that the Lakers lost away to Cleveland, Dean Gilo – Russell’s vitals unfortunately hit by Lebron James’s cross. After the game, Russell talked about how he felt about it. "It’s unexpected. If I had expected, it would have been more painful." "Every man knows that feeling," Russell said in an interview." "It’s funny," Kobe said when Russell hit the key. When I knew he was okay, everybody was joking." Russell said that after James’s pass hit, the body was fine. After the game, he also watched the video, and even he laughed himself. "Laugh heartily now.". After two months, other people will find other funny things." Russell said. As the show Bangyan Russell in the interview also admitted that he experienced a lot of ups and downs in the season, but he wanted to be in the all star weekend after more mature. (Rosen)

拉塞尔谈被击中要害:身体没事 那感觉你知道的 多么痛的领悟   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月11日,据《洛杉矶每日新闻》报道,湖人客场负于骑士的比赛中,德安吉洛-拉塞尔的要害部位不幸被勒布朗-詹姆斯的传球击中。赛后,拉塞尔谈了他对此事的感受。   “这是预料之外的。如果我预料到了,那么可能会感到更疼。”拉塞尔在接受采访时说道,“每个男人都知道那种感觉。”   科比在谈到拉塞尔要害被击中时说道:“这很搞笑。当我知道他没事的时候,大家都开起了玩笑。”   拉塞尔表示被詹姆斯的传球击中后身体没事。赛后,他还看了那段视频,而且连他自己都笑了。   “现在可以尽情地笑。等过了两个月之后,别人会找到其它好笑的事情。”拉塞尔说道。   身为榜眼秀的拉塞尔在采访中还坦言他在本赛季经历了太多的起伏,但是他希望自己能够在全明星周末结束之后变得更加成熟。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: