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Lead exposure from the target rocket this summer reinforcements Houston coveted Eagle Horford – Sports Sohu   February 21st Beijing time, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the news source said, the Rockets might in the summer will chase the eagle inside Eyre horford. So far this season, the Rockets made only 28 wins and 28 losses record, ranked eighth in the west, it is worth mentioning that, in this season’s trade deadline, the Rockets did not have too big operation, from the current point of view, the team has been eyeing this summer’s free agent market. Without doubt, Durant is the top goal of the free agent market this summer, and the Rockets are one of their potential homes. According to the sources, warriors, Lakers and other teams are also coveted Durant, so for the Rockets, they will face a lot of competition. Rockets, of course, have other targets. It is reported that the Rockets may be chasing the team this summer, and the existing contract expires in the summer. So far this season, the field averaged 31.7 minutes, sending 15.2 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists. It is worth noting that before the end of this season’s trading, he was caught in trading rumors. In an interview, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said the Rockets this summer will be the top five destination free player selection, at the same time, he said, the team will have the ability to provide two copies for maximum contract signing. From the technical point of view, he is also suitable for rockets, even though he is a center player, but he has a good ability to invest in cosco. Of course, for the Rockets, in pursuit of the top free agent at the same time, also need to face the problem about the whereabouts of Howard, this summer, Howard has the option to restore freedom of the body, from the current situation, then he is likely to test the free agent market, and seek the maximum salary contract. Howard had been involved in trade rumors before, but he stayed in the rockets. From the Rockets’ point of view, the team wants to leave Howard, but they won’t give him a pay contract. (Fu Yun) 火箭今夏引强援目标曝光 传休城觊觎老鹰霍福德-搜狐体育     北京时间2月21日,据《休斯顿纪事报》报道,有消息源称,火箭在今年夏天有可能会去追逐老鹰内线艾尔-霍福德。   本赛季至今,火箭仅取得28胜28负的战绩,排名西部第8位,值得一提的是,在本赛季交易截止日,火箭并未有太大的运作,从目前来看,球队已经将目光瞄准了今夏的自由球员市场。   毫无疑问,杜兰特是今夏自由球员市场的顶级目标,而火箭也是其潜在下家之一。据消息人士称,像勇士、湖人等球队也都在觊觎杜兰特,因此对于火箭来说,他们将会面临很大的竞争。当然,火箭也有其他追逐目标。   据悉,火箭今夏有可能会去追逐霍福德,后者现有合同将在今年夏天到期。本赛季至今,霍福德场均出场31.7分钟,能送出15.2分6.8个篮板3.1次助攻。值得注意的一点是,在本赛季交易截止日期前,霍福德就曾陷入过交易流言中。   在接受媒体采访时,火箭总经理莫雷曾表示,火箭今年夏天将会是自由球员选择的五大顶级目的地,同时据他透露,球队届时有能力提供两份顶薪合同用于引援。而从技术特点来看,霍福德也很适合火箭,尽管身为中锋球员,但是霍福德拥有不俗的中远投能力。   当然对于火箭而言,在追逐顶级自由球员的同时,还需要面对有关霍华德去向问题,今年夏天,霍华德有权选择恢复自由身,从现有情况来看,届时他很有可能会去试水自由球员市场,并寻求顶薪合同。   此前霍华德也曾陷入交易流言中,不过最终他还是留在火箭。从火箭角度来看,球队希望能留下霍华德,不过他们并不会给其提供顶薪合同。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: