Fight to the bitter end! 37 legend. The cash line under the upcoming

Fight to the bitter end! 37 "legend". The cash line is about to go to war league team preparing for October 19th. In October 25th the first reunion. October 27th to November 6th expedition. After two weeks of cutthroat competition, the 37 "legend". The National League cash · line integral match yesterday to decide the semi-finals. 16 strong teams from the blue dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, Xuanwu four theater successfully qualify for the finals, they are: Xuanwu District (North): yiluanqingmi, power, God VS, tumblebugs Suzaku district (South): who is the master, just play, play, raptors the white tiger River District (West): dragon, dragon master, love dominate the dream team, happy Spring Qinglong area (East): God JOKE rivers and lakes, is a large living, not sticky, the Xuanwu check: master four + four four four Qinglong tiger rosefinch + [line] will be opened in November 12th. 37, the "legend". The cash League · line of battle officially started, from north to south, from west to East, the division of four Corps will turn in Qingdao, Changsha, All, Hangzhou, four cities to crown. Four teams according to the ranking order of battle to get 30 thousand, 20 thousand, 10 thousand, 5 thousand yuan in cash incentives, and more than one million gold awards and special title. In addition, every battle has 37 "legend". Special anchor for the match game player to exciting and red eggs, please look forward to. [general] four Battle Pack bloody battle in the end some people enjoy the blood athletic stimulation, some people have sought to honor a famous battle, one legend feelings ruthless bet, also has the human team fighting for the brothers fight. George · Martin in "a song of ice and fire" wrote: "when the snows fall, cold wind blowing, the lone wolf dies, the pack survives. Summer can quarrel, but in the winter, we must protect each other, heating each other, sharing power." 37 "legend". The cash League · line battle soon, like wolves to fight! The posters "legend" is the 37 game. Aurora network of independent research and development, and get the grand theme of legend of genuine licensed ARPG web games. Legendary classic game set, and strive to bring the player’s legendary experience. The game’s characters, monsters are made of high quality model of the new design of the action is more natural, delicate and vivid image; fine grand game scene, the sound clear, create a good atmosphere of the game, into the very sense; magnificent skills and excellent operation feeling with the ultimate fighting experience, Daguai PK more readily. Find the old brother, and blood in charge, "legend"! 37 "legend" official website: "legend 37 br br" cash League: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: