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The man was breaking up play ambiguous think impassability: could I once said his girlfriend derailed the original title: "I tolerate you derailed a" Xue Kai still don’t understand why his girlfriend derailed the promise "lost effect in September 20th, Xue Kai ho distance and his girlfriend broke up for one month, the reason is found a girlfriend his ambiguous information on WeChat and others. In fact, it is not my ambiguous object, is a friend’s sister." Xue Kai said that the two people just speak a little too far. But he never thought, when I saw his girlfriend, even with their anger and break up, but two people just starting out, girlfriend once said "I love you love you can tolerate a derailment". Xue Kai did not understand why his girlfriend did not keep his promise. Promise girlfriend let him very touched 21 on the 7 night, the reporter saw Xue Kai in North Street and a coffee shop door, this handsome guy, his face has an indelible. "I broke up with my girlfriend for a month." Xue Kai said, he is 27 years old this year, live in Wong Bang Royal Sedum into the community, now runs a company in environmental protection under the leadership of relatives. Reporters saw that he was driving a Audi A6, all aspects of the conditions are very superior. Talking about the beginning of the two people met, Xue Kai some miss. "We were introduced by our parents and friends." Xue Kai said that their own special requirements of high demand, when the small appeared in front of the white skin, smart big eyes, all of a sudden let Xue Kai identified her. Xue Kai’s romantic tenderness is also attracting Xiao He, in the beginning, where a word particularly moved by Xue Kai: "I love you too, I can tolerate you a derailment." This sentence, Xue Kai has been able to blurt out. "I don’t think any girl can say that. It’s really a romantic commitment to me." An affair will let his girlfriend break decisively in a factory where financial, a weekend to Xue Kai to accompany her, but Xue Kai weekend often busy meeting clients, accompany clients to dinner, did not have time to accompany Xiao He, now in retrospect, this may be the reason why she has no sense of security for me." Xue Kai said. Last month, Xue Kai met a client’s sister at a dinner with a client. That time in the KTV had drunk, sister sister took the initiative to their own WeChat, the two added a friend. I think is a customer, not to say anything, had to add WeChat." Xue Kai said that although the other side had some "initiative", but they do not have other meaning, just as a friend of the customer management. Add friends a day in the morning, the other to Xue Kai sent a WeChat: "good morning, brother." Also made a "kiss" expression. "I was thinking that is the customer’s sister also feel shy, do not react." Xue Kai said he also responded to some ambiguous language. A few days later, his girlfriend was so small he found this sentence on the phone. "Break up!" Small straight to slam the door to leave, did not give Xue Kai the slightest reaction. Girlfriend: it is only a joke Xue Kai have been puzzled, he again and again to find a girlfriend and girlfriend, but 7相关的主题文章: