Small white can play off the road, four models of steep slope slow down independent SUV recommended 音羽かなで

White can play off-road, four items of independent SUV recommended descent – Sohu car many bikers has a dream of driving the car to plateau cross-country, to conquer the whole terrain, but off-road but not you want to play, want to play can play. Many novice through complex and rugged mountain road when driving in the first time, due to the lack of experience and technology, are often confused, there is no way to control the speed and vehicle dynamics, the car is easy to control and dangerous. At this time, the car’s many intelligent assistant system is often able to help you, today we have to talk to the steep slope is one of the most important functions. What is a steep descent system? Steep slope is also known as HDC (Hill Descent Control), but also become a slope control system, is a set of automatic control system for downhill driving. The system was first appeared in the 1997 Land Rover Freelander, and later by BMW and other brands will be the rapid popularization of the technology. Interaction of it using engine braking and ABS system in the vehicle through a steep downhill, the wheel speed control in 8km h, the driver can concentrate on the steering wheel, no brakes, can lower the speed stably through, without losing grip or cause brake disc thermal decay. Steep slope slow down can greatly reduce the risk of operational errors, so that drivers can control the stability of the vehicle trajectory, and enhance the safety of off-road. This is only in the high-end luxury cars and off-road car can enjoy the black technology past, now has to find its shadow in the camp, the independent brand SUV in the next, this paper from you to pick four items the descent of the vehicle: Geely bullyear 9.88-15.78 million price range: Geely Bo the former Volvo designer Peter · horbury surgeon, has "the most beautiful China SUV" reputation, has a lot of Chinese wind elements, filled with a sense of power and beauty of nature. Botop technology equipment ultra rich, such as 360 degree panoramic camera, panoramic sunroof, ACC adaptive cruise, large size LCD dashboard, car Internet, in addition to entry version, other models are equipped with steep relief system is quite good. As for the power system and transmission of the same match to achieve the benchmark level of domestic brands, mechanical texture can compete 200 thousand levels of joint venture models. But fortunately, Geely bullyear pricing is very close to the people, released when forced the Great Wall rivals such as the price in recent months, due to the improvement of the production capacity, sales growth is very fast, has quickly entered the first echelon of the independent brand hot models, in time, it must have hope to challenge the Harvard H6 champion. Bea Dutens: the price range of 25.13-51.88 million this is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, has composed of 2.0T turbocharged engine and two electric three dual-mode power, terror, accelerated only 4.9r相关的主题文章: