Women postpartum depression, had to know the 3 major performance – Sohu maternal and child 乃々果花

Postpartum depression in women, had to know the 3 performance – the mother and daughter of Sohu for women, the role of the mother is very challenging. According to statistics, 16% of the women had children will have different degrees of sadness, but this feeling in a very short period of time will disappear, this is said in medicine of postpartum depression. Karen, a psychologist in New York, tells postpartum women that if you have postpartum depression, you can overcome it. First, you must realize that you have postpartum depression. In fact, most women feel very disappointed when their child is born, which is a more severe and persistent syndrome. But there are a lot of women who are unwilling to accept the fact that they suffer from postpartum depression. So, what are the symptoms of postpartum depression?. Loneliness is the most common symptom of postpartum depression. When the family or friends to visit their own and the baby, the mother will feel very scared and nervous. Would think that everyone’s attention on the baby’s body, no one cares about themselves, and thus feel lonely, and thus become withdrawn. In addition, there is a feeling of isolation is also the performance of postpartum depression, the mother will not want to face the external environment, always stay in their own room, they become unwilling to communicate with others, become silent. At this time, family and friends to chat with maternal and maternal, spreading, and give enough attention to women. Negative thinking of the majority of women will have negative thoughts, especially in the face of the baby, they will take into account the problem of raising children, worried that they can not cope with. Some mothers see the child will complain that the children and their own thinking is not the same. In addition, after the birth, the woman’s figure is not as good as before, will be very irritable, that his body can not recover the sadness. At this point, family and friends to encourage more women to give them some positive attitude to life. Some women in the blues after the birth of the baby will not have the spirit. Lazy every day, do not want to do anything, even to see their children will not be particularly enthusiastic. The performance of postpartum depression is that the mother is not interested in anything, like a person in bed alone in a daze, do not want to take the baby or play with the baby. At this time the family to accompany and understanding of maternal, especially their other half, the mother must have enough patience. Family is the best medicine for the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. Postpartum women should not only pay attention to the adjustment of their own heart, and their families should also give more care and care of the mother, in order to bid farewell to postpartum depression.   相关的主题文章: