The three dimensions of Cultivating College Students’ sense of social responsibility 高达08ms小队

The three dimension of cultivating the sense of social responsibility of College Students – Education – People’s network at present, the sense of social responsibility of college students has aroused widespread concern of the whole society. "13th Five-Year" program and the newly revised "People’s Republic of China Education Law" to raise the sense of social responsibility as a period of time in the future of the national education first key task. As the final export of national education, colleges and universities shoulder the important mission of Cultivating College Students’ sense of social responsibility. According to the present situation of the lack of social responsibility of college students, colleges and universities should improve the mechanism of the cultivation of College Students’ social responsibility system, follow the "knowledge, emotion and meaning," the law of moral formation, and actively guide them to establish a sense of social responsibility, strengthen social services for the faith, and to fulfill its social responsibility in social practice. It is a kind of responsibility, but also a kind of responsibility to guide the social responsibility. College students are in the critical moment of world outlook, outlook on life, values, how to guide them to understand their own responsibilities, clear the responsibility of the body, has become an important task in front of colleges and universities. Because college students have the ability of independent thinking, in the process of cultivating their sense of social responsibility, rational guidance is very necessary. Colleges and universities should give full play to the ideological and political theory course of the main positions, to cultivate the correct sense of mission and sense of play, consciousness, sense of dedication as the premise, gradually guide college students to establish a sense of social responsibility. Such as "Ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis" course should be based on students clear social role and historical mission, strengthen the positive guidance to their life values, and strive to let them establish scientific ideal, cultivate their sense of dedication; "dialectical materialism and historical materialism basic principle" Marx’s class, guide the students to really put the ideals and beliefs based on rational recognition of scientific theory, based on the correct understanding of the history of the law on Strengthening Students’ responsibility consciousness; "an introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theoretical system of socialism Chinese characteristic course should let the students fully understand the basic situation of our country, to establish personal ideal the accurate grasp of the basic national conditions, brave bear the burden of national mission entrusted by the times and the modern" Chinese; The outline of the history of the history of the Chinese nation to bear the humiliation and hard work of the history of modern times, summed up the historical experience, establish a sense of urgency, learn to take responsibility. In addition, the colleges and universities of other humanities and social science courses and professional courses are a sense of social responsibility education of college students "education", teachers should combine the characteristics of their curriculum permeating social responsibility education, such as the subject representative of social responsibility, to guide the physiology of thinking value of life. Practice to develop a sense of social responsibility, not only to establish the concept of collectivism and the sense of serving the people, but also adhere to the principle of justice in practice, willing to make contributions to the community and others in practice, and sacrifice. Social practice plays an irreplaceable role in promoting college students’ understanding of the society, understanding of the national conditions, increasing their ability, contributing to society, training ability, cultivating quality and enhancing social responsibility. To participate in social practice is an important way to cultivate college students’ sense of social responsibility相关的主题文章: