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Give you 10 million, you will sell male (female) friends? Some time ago, there is a relatively hot topic on the Internet, the content is to give you 10 million, you will sell your male (female) friends? The results of men and women to answer a big difference, the girls generally say that the sale, the boys said that it is impossible to sell, do not sell these boys are afraid to be afraid of slag man? (HA HA) 10 million sounds really a lot, and now, in the second ring road in Wuhan can buy at least 5 sets of houses, can buy at least three sets of the 7 rings. So the question is, if you’re 10 million now, will you sell your other half? Tencent big Chu network WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, a comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei Prefecture, covering news, real estate, home, health, fashion and so on, WeChat subscribers nearly 3 million. Search attention: the big Chu Chu Yichang (dachuwang) (hbqqyc) (dachued) in Chu Chu Chu Xiaogan (dachuxiaogan) Shiyan (dachusy) Jingmen (dachujingmen) Chu Chu Chu Jingzhou (hbqqjz) Huanggang (dachuhg) Chu Enshi (enshitengchu) Chu Xiantao (dachuxiantao)相关的主题文章: