Dalian talent policy environment to attract new talent 魔界骑士イングリッド

Dalian talent policy environment to attract new talent personnel policy reform and innovation, so that Dalian talent index continues to rise. Talent is the core competitiveness of the city in the future, talent investment is the most promising investment. In recent years, the municipal Party committee, municipal government stressed the need to establish a "talent", the establishment of system thinking, focus on various fronts, in various fields and industries, all kinds of talents introduction, I need not sticking to formalities, and together with the world of excellence. In five years, the city’s total personnel jumped from 1 million 600 thousand to 2 million 3 thousand and 300, the new co opted academicians 7. Innovation is the first driving force of development, talent is the first resource to support development. In the spring of 2015, a talent policy reform and innovation, so that Dalian talent index continued to rise, Zhaocaiyinzhi results are in the forefront of deputy provincial city, all fronts and penetration in various fields and industries to the policy of "bonus" in Dalian to build a new talent highland. Regular grid is not broken, is hard to find. The National 863 Program "marine biological function of protein efficient identification and product development" project chief scientist Wang Lingling and her husband Liu Ying (also the national leading talent), last year from the Qingdao Institute of marine was introduced in Dalian ocean university. In order to let the couple at work, I assigned only two months to complete all formalities for the transfer of their family, their children will be arranged to focus on high school, and the allocation of scientific research funds 10 million yuan. The laboratory has been built, a variety of instruments and equipment to normal operation, two national leading talent, innovation and entrepreneurship in Dalian settle down. Innovation lead, talent gathering. Not long ago, the city to the Dalian commodity exchange, Dalian Yinuo biological Co., 25 enterprises such as post doctoral stations, 56 postdoctoral researchers released the 2015 annual enterprise postdoctoral project subsidy funds 2 million 490 thousand yuan. This is just a microcosm of the city agglomeration enterprise postdoctoral talent project, currently the city’s enterprise postdoctoral station units increased to 76, the national post doctoral research workstation 42, provincial postdoctoral innovation base 34, about 60 years to attract postdoctoral talent. Overseas talent recruitment, and. China Haichuang week in Dalian has been held for 17 sessions, this year, a total of 179 projects to declare the city’s "sea project", the number doubled over 2015. My overseas Zhaocaiyinzhi release of the strong magnetic field effects. Upgrade from the Zhuchaoyinfeng to phoenix nest, the strategic transformation of the city’s leading talent, people also put the project introduction. Dalian Yi Yi Technology Co., Ltd. through the hiring of Belgium and France experts, the successful implementation of the airport series circuit with sine wave constant current dimmer and other key technology research and development projects. Dalian shipbuilding industry group "semi submersible drilling platform construction technology and supporting system development" project, through the introduction of Australia and Norway experts, mainly to solve the technical problems, to become China’s first independent design of high-end offshore oil drilling system. It is understood that since 2015, the city’s introduction of foreign experts project 220, the introduction of foreign experts, more than 1500 people, has invested more than 9500 yuan of funds, lead.相关的主题文章: