Tiangong two core hero studies ray space experts from Suzhou out of 海思k3v2

Tiangong two core hero studies ray: space experts from Suzhou out of 87 years in April, ray photo studies in Mudu senior high school and teacher training". The intersection point of 22 September 15th 04, the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, space laboratory "China’s first truly successful launch of Tiangong two", a symbol of China’s manned space project entered a new stage of development. Participate in the research and development of two core Temple hero design, there is a going out from the Suzhou Aerospace experts – deputy chief designer of Chinese Aerospace Engineering spacecraft system studies lei. From Shenzhou one to Tiangong-1, No. ten, No. two, twelve mission he participated in the core design. The research achievements of "Shenzhou seven propulsion module design" won the two prize of national defense science and technology, and he won the honor of "the outstanding contribution award of China’s manned spaceflight project". September 16th, the intersection of an exclusive interview with reporters to investigate the secondary school teachers, classmates and relatives, restore the combination of static and dynamic, interested in a wide range of learning tyrants". The 9 year old "chess king" to win back 10 popsicle check learn Lei is a native of Suzhou, was born on June 1971 in Yangcheng Lake, parents are still living in Tian Jing street. Check the "home school Lei", above there is a brother and a sister, he was clever. "When he was 3 years old, only the table is so high, can report more than 10 thousand mathematical number." Check, more than and 70 year old father ray Cao Muliang said children are full of pride, the drawer was filled with thunder when the check, all kinds of awards, certificates and reports. "He’s busy with his work and doesn’t come back often. We’ll take a look at him when he wants to." After studying at the school to check Lei Tian Jing Jing Tian primary school and middle school, every examination was almost the first. Wuzhong District City Kindergarten Gan Liying is learning from Lei fellow, for the first time to participate in work in Tian Jing primary school, she said to check the learning from Lei has impressed, "he really is a small smart, just go to the third grade primary school, won the town master." Check the brother, Cao Lei School sun, brother childhood love of chess, the town is known as "the invincible hand". At the age of 9, the third grade summer vacation, came to the village of Wuxi fishing grass ship, the crew "kill two disc" with love. Check first learn Lei beside see, no two days with them "horse ride" playing chess together. One evening, he held 10 popsicle back, I asked to know, is he and his crew to win the chess." The brother and brother who look at ray are happy to share the spoils". Cha Xuejuan’s cousin, cousin, told reporters that she used to play with her cousin when she was a child, but he was too clever to play any games." In life, cousin gentle, approachable. Every year when the Chinese New Year holiday, he will come back to visit his parents, we eat together is not a little shelf, did not see him is doing so much research scientists." In July 2012, Charles Lei returned home to lecture to learn. The annual Mid Autumn Festival, the Lantern Festival in the village held a quiz contest, almost all the prizes are checked to learn thunder "swept". Over the past few years, many people half jokingly "threat" to check the school is not allowed to participate in Ping Ping相关的主题文章: