There was a dead rat in the baby’s pillow caxa实体设计

[shocked] even in the dead rat baby pillow after the birth of a child, relatives and friends will give children to buy all kinds of gifts to express their children’s love, Kaifeng Lankao white lady to give their child bought a baby pillow, but did not expect, it is this pillow, bring great harm to the child! Pillow pillow, pillow a red dot! The white lady told the consumer rights coordinator, children from birth to ninth days with a pillow Kang’ai Yunying shop, but after a few days, the children face of the body after another began to appear red, many times to the hospital for treatment, never recovered. Wash the pillow, even inside a dead mouse! Ms. White said that they think may be a new pillow, need to wash before use, and then put the pillow apart to wash, found inside there was a dead mouse, which makes them very angry, watching the children suffered so much sin, a little milk he now did not have to cry. After that, they have repeatedly found Kang’ai Yunying shop of communication, but there has been no results. Into the store coordination, payment can not reach an agreement. Kang’ai Yunying shop said, after the event, they actively cooperate with the treatment of children from the white lady, did not want to shirk responsibility, as it has not a result, because the two sides have great differences in the amount of compensation. Ms. White said she feared carrying rats on the body of the virus lurking in the body of a child, for children 30 years in charge of Kang’ai Yunying shop, and Kang’ai hope once pregnant baby shop. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus. Finally, after the consumer rights coordinator repeatedly coordination, both parties agree to sign the agreement, a one-time compensation of Kang’ai Yunying shop Ms. white couple seventy thousand dollars, this thing so far.相关的主题文章: