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Since the media how to obtain " 100 thousand +": production value is the key content of media — Ideas on salon fifth site September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Xinrui)   September 29th, Sina News held a "+" from the media — manufacturing phenomenon spread and commercial transformation operation cheats "as the theme of the salon fifth day wish, many from the new media and academia to discuss the big coffee platform bonus period, since the media how to continue manufacturing phenomenon spread hot, the implementation of commercial transformation of the road. Participants agreed that the future of the media from the living environment, no matter how changes in order to survive and go further, to ensure the continued production of valuable content is the most critical factor. From the media to do down to earth the contents of violent entertainment founder and CEO Chen Yanyan "feature from the media" is the most important "sound in the environment, and the spread of self value". In Chen Yanyan view, a media to continue to go on the one hand, to the life of the founder of the leather, on the other hand to the life of the leather team, these two aspects complement each other. For a media team, the ceiling is CEO, CEO is the ceiling of my management. Chen Yanyan stressed that CEO should always keep in mind the rhythm, can not be pushed away by the capital, but also to pay attention to the state of everyone in the team, as long as the vitality of the team, the media will have a future." People’s daily editor of the public WeChat Ling Chen to share some of the experience and lessons learned from the operation of the public two years harvest. Ling Chen said that due to the people’s daily, the public has been very successful, if you want to copy it would not survive, if you do too the two dimension and fresh, also targeting scruples itself, so the team finally decided to "do things down to earth, send people to read the contents" this position is micro signal number of fans from the original ten now rose to three million of one of the important reasons. NewMedia alliance CMO Yuan Guoqing believes that since the media must have a birth, development, climax and death. In his opinion, has come from the media new dividend era, the future will be more and more to the personality, scenes and entertainment development, then a wonderful part of the show or the concentration of daily life, are likely to become the media since the wonderful. Song Qinghai, head of China’s new media to share the central enterprises in the media, how to continue to produce high-quality content. Song Qinghai said that before the China oil micro signal line, basic unit team with more than two months into China oil, have written a lot of articles. When the male line at the beginning, you can match the day’s hot news, the proper use of the stock of the manuscript, the contents of a steady stream of rolling up, so that the public number in a short time to harvest a lot of fans attention. Since the media content to associate professor Wang Jiahang of China University of Political Science and Law’s journalism school difference since the media is divided into several categories, one is the traditional media in the media; there are dozens of media platform; in addition to the media, government institutions and enterprise media media, they constitute from the media content providers. Wang Jiahang)相关的主题文章: