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The Imperial Palace "theme free open day" 16 day for specific groups – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Yan) to enter the off-season, but the the Imperial Palace museum museum to further develop public service, culture, social education, and guide the audience to visit the peak, get a more comfortable environment and atmosphere to visit the Imperial Palace Museum, continue to implement the off-season the monthly "theme free open day this year". According to the statistics, from November 2014 to March 2016 during the off-season, two rounds of 10 free day held, has received teachers, college students, military and police, medical staff, volunteers, public transport passengers, sanitation workers and other groups to visit. According to the previous free open day, the Imperial Palace museum will begin in November this year, continue to implement the "theme free open day on the third Wednesday of each month in the off-season, to guide the audience to avoid visiting the peak, so that different areas of the public into the museum. Yesterday, this year’s free open day program was officially introduced. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, at present for the people of medical staff and volunteers (November 16, 2016), military and police (December 14, 2016), public transport passengers (January 18, 2017), teachers and college students (February 15, 2017), sanitation workers (March 15, 2017). Make an appointment for the specified group of individual measures on the the Imperial Palace Museum ticket pre-sale reservation network. Orders submitted after the success of the theme free open day, the applicant is required to hold the two generation ID card and related documents, occupation (one) in the west of the Meridian Gate wicket reserve channel to verify admission visit. At the same time, the theme free open day tickets ten days in advance to start booking, the day does not accept an appointment. (November 16, 2016) medical staff and volunteers (December 14, 2016) servicemen and police (January 18, 2017) public transport passengers (February 15, 2017) the student teachers and college sanitation workers (March 15, 2017)相关的主题文章: