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The Gulf of Thailand a large number of whale or the mysterious deaths caused by environmental pollution — Sichuan channel — original title: Thailand bay a large number of whale or the mysterious deaths caused by environmental pollution according to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation reported on October 12th, the Thailand Bay 10% whale died mysteriously, whale population not to worrying. The researchers believe that there are 55 whale whale every year in the waters near the capital of Thailand for a long time, but its population is considered to be "risk", this year, there have been 6 deaths in whale. Whale’s cause of death is still unknown, but some people think that pollution led to the death of whale. If whale continues to die this year or next, then the number of whale will not be sustainable." Environmental activist Gilad Don Kul (Jirayu Ekkul) said. It is understood that en cours also operates a whale sightseeing company "meet Thailand wild" (Wild Encounter Thailand). According to reports, Thailand fishermen have regarded whale as a "terrible", but now they are facing a new threat. "Two months ago, we arrested a Vietnamese tourist who was illegally in the sea. We found a slaughtered whale body in his boat." Ji said. The four major rivers into the Gulf of Thailand, leading to the waters of the small fish with a huge number, in order to attract many whale predators. Whale’s proximity to the city has surprised many foreign tourists and local people. People hope that the scientific research responsible for tourism and more can help whale from crowning calamity. (Zhang Hua, Gao Hongxia dimension: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: