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The premier recommended: solid blue moon top home court easy win – Sohu game time: 2016 11.05          Saturday   23:00 0.82    asian handicap:         Manchester   1.75            Middlesbrough; 1.04 in Europe Index: 1.18      6.00      11 events: a prospective 6 fights after the last round of League blue moon finally found usher in a rebound in the war, the team at the hawthorns 4 ball bloodbath West Brom, and thus out of the embarrassing situation after the 6 war greatly. Week in the Champions League Manchester to heroics, they back to the 3 team in Al Ittihad 1 reversed the mighty Barcelona, Guardiola also used a victory against the old master. The city in the top of the Premier League position, but the only goal is to narrowly beat Arsenal and Liverpool team to win the Premier League match, Manchester City is the home court is not lost. Fortunately, the home court is also fighting opponents only promoted Middlesbrough, Manchester City for this 3 points is as sure as a gun. After the premier stage for many years, in order to Middlesbrough for the top league a bit strange. Start to the season the team performance has been poor, the team is often in the relegation zone edge, facing the situation of Hui Yong City, Middlesbrough only parry, no strength to fight back. The asian handicap index for the pursuit of Manchester City to make 1.75-2.0 deep dish, Manchester City had a panel of downturn, but until last week the League victory over West Brom after they beat Barcelona, Zhou also gradually changed, the plate potential. Manchester City this season to win and lose disc plate is a stage by stage, since the recent state Huiyong, this war is the face of weaker Middlesbrough, Manchester City home court is worthy of support. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 4:1, 3:1 Beijing city (2) single game ball, SMG recommended: 31 let the ball Shengping Fu Manchester (-2) recommended: 31 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 3相关的主题文章: