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She jumped from the 3 floor of this really is the third grade math 700-292=? The mother gave the child a wrong answer, by her husband cursing, angrily jumped after the incident, her husband Mr. Duan holding his wife, very sad. In order to one of the third grade math problem, from the dispute a couple of Zhuji Chen Zhai Zhen. "Such a simple question will be wrong, but also how to teach children? Good to die." The husband casually said. Who thought the angry words have let his wife have a suicide. She ran out of the room, jumped down from the 3 floor. These two days, this news is a hot topic in the evening news on the new media platforms. But is this really just a math problem? Her husband called "stupid" wife angrily jumped to the 49 year old Mr. Duan and his 34 year old wife Liu is Jiangxi Anfu county. His wife works in a glass mosaic factory, the husband in mine work, usually one family lived in dormitories wife. The couple has two daughters, the eldest daughter read the first two days, usually resident, 9 year old daughter still read the third grade primary school. October 27th around 7:10 in the morning, Ms. Liu wake up her daughter, ready to ride a car to send her to school. Before going out, she thought of her daughter the night before the wrong math problems, want to ask her to correct. The question is: how much is 700 minus 292? Liu said to the child, the answer should be 401. Lying in bed, the husband heard his wife’s words, all of a sudden get angry: she gave the answer is obviously wrong, it should be 408, she said a few words." Husband and wife you say a word, the more pull farther away. "After the quarrel, I called her stupid, such a simple question will be wrong, but also how to teach children? Good to die." Mr. Duan said that he did not expect his wife angrily, "I’m going to jump on the bed, when she ran out, don’t know what to do, also can’t hold her." After the incident, her husband regret it, no longer dare to anger her after the incident, Ms. Liu was rushed to Zhuji People’s Hospital immediately. Fortunately, after the hospital to rescue, Ms. Liu out of danger. Liu brother told the evening news reporter, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, Ms. Liu, head of the face, arm with multiple fractures, the left zygomatic fracture, also head brain injury, multiple teeth oral cavity fracture, until the swelling is better, will undergo surgery on Friday. In the hospital, back before the accident scene, wearing an oxygen mask Liu a sad smile, trying to squeeze out a few words: "some small things." Mr. Duan also regret the day’s events: I know her temper, I did not expect such a strong temper, the future is really not angry with her." As for the math ", he said, is not important. After the incident, their two daughters are panicked, sitting in her mother’s room quietly tears. The couple only primary school culture children is their biggest hopes Mr. Duan told the evening news reporter to pass相关的主题文章: