Two construction site, surrounded by the district more than 2 thousand sleep all night 姉summer

Two construction site, surrounded by a small area of the night to sleep well surrounded by residential buildings, residents can not afford to worry about more than 2 thousand. Newspaper reporter Yang Xinyu photo in recent months, a time to go to sleep, live in Nanan District and Nanshan Road area where Ms. Wang felt, suffering from "fear of sleep". The construction site downstairs basically a night light is noisy, sometimes the roar of a large truck climbing, sometimes empty slope the bang when sound, sometimes suddenly dropped down a pile of steel pipe…… This situation has lasted for three or four months, and Wang Nanshan Road area owners of 4000 households, more than half of all sleep well. The "noise" land of idyllic beauty live in the 6 ms Ho and Wang Nanshan Road area moved into a period of four or five years, then buy fancy is quiet. Proximity to the Yangtze River area facing the Nanshan, is a rare "land of idyllic beauty". But from the beginning of June this year, the peace is broken. "The most is the beginning of construction blasting, double glass many home owners have been shattered!" MS Ho said, because the two bedroom windows are on the site. Since then, she did not dare open the window. Good day, but the site is often from early morning until dawn are in the construction. "Sometimes the steel pipe dropped out of the ground, and sometimes the car didn’t move……" The site is often a night to light, a few months down, he began to headache. The 12 building is a building near the bottom of the building, only tens of meters. 28 year old bear is a pregnant woman, pregnant for nearly 5 months, during the day to work, but also to endure the noise at night, very painful. "We also to the district residents committee, the south bank District Environmental Protection Bureau has reflected many times." Wang and Mr. Zhou introduced the property customer service supervisor. It is reported that Wang Road and Nanshan a total of 4000 owners, the owners of more than 2000 households affected by noise. Two residential construction site surrounded by reporters from the construction site Weidang learned that there are two construction sites and Wang Nanshan Road area, which is the interval tunnel ho station of Chongqing rail link (three area) and Huang Yufeng slope control project project. "This site is not noisy, the site is noisy." 8 owners, Mr. Xu said, according to his observation, the most recent period of time, the noise of the evening mainly from the slag car. During the day dozens of cars are parked in the parking lot of the site, after a time limit line, slag truck running all night!" Mr. Xu said that the site is sometimes noisy until 3 in the morning, at 4, and even the point of 5, 6. Every family has to work, go to school, go down for a long time who can’t stand. Residents also questioned, as a key project to benefit the people, we must support the basic needs, but the construction unit should also take into account the lives of residents. To obtain the construction permits for the construction of the night, is not the use of advanced technology and noise reduction equipment? The construction unit commitment to avoid night construction last month, led by the community, haitangxi street, on behalf of the owners and relevant responsible person and yellow Yufeng were consulted on the construction noise problem. The construction unit commitment to reduce blasting charge, try to avoid night construction, but also to reflect the housing and glass damage, cracks of the owners, were home to check. Chongqing Morning Post reporter also to the Chongqing environmental monitoring Corps were reflected. Staff, they also received a public complaint. On the one hand, the construction of rail transit has particularity, one is construction相关的主题文章: