Wild the Great Wall disappearing controversy Map Designer – Beijing, confuse right and wrong 瀬名アスカ

"Wild the Great Wall disappearing controversy: designers made plans were new network reporter Chen Weibin Huang Xiaoxing confuse right and wrong – recently, a" most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar, the 700 year history of the national treasure "recognition of the net posts at Yongan, Liaoning Bao Xiang Suizhong County small mouth of the the Great Wall was" mortar ", a raised public attention. In the event of continuous fermentation at the same time, it has been questioned "repair the most beautiful wild the Great Wall scheme designer and the person in charge in September 25th 26, stone stated, in his personal blog, micro-blog has published the" most beautiful wild the Great Wall disappearing designer says "," cultural relics in the Great Wall body protection and people’s expectation between how to choose "two articles, responded publicly questioned. Yesterday, he said in an interview with this reporter, users provide maintenance before and after photos are not the same paragraph, "the crenels and crownnatural leveled" saying is not true. He is willing to accept the outside world if they have any questions or suggestions for the restoration. The public questioned: in the repair process using cement information, small river the Great Wall is a national key cultural relics protection units, fourteen years before the Ming Dynasty Hongwu (1381 AD), the top in steep mountains, so there are "third Badaling" said. This is also in the outside world as "venison wild the Great Wall", has recently been exposed that has been the local cultural protection department to repair, but after the repair, "the Great Wall is a small estuary by mortar, had broken wall are smooth, full of wild the Great Wall became hardened the road". This "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar" posts, first pointed out the matter, is a self proclaimed "local forest protector" of Liu Fusheng. At the end of the post, he also attached some live photos. Liu Fusheng believes that there are serious problems in the repair of security department in this section of the Great Wall. According to the 2012 approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage "Suizhong Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall mountain section paragraph emergency project ovo repair plan", the top of the stone wall repair "on top of the residual soil apron (i.e. wall top plane) again tapped, and then add a layer of 37 dust tapped, the average thickness of 12 cm". The so-called "37 dust", according to three points seven points of the proportions of soil lime for building materials. Liaoning provincial cultural relics protection expert group member Jing Xiaoguang earlier in an interview with the "people’s Daily" had explained, after the stone residue of ANN reinforcement, is covered with a layer of 37 dust, is to prevent the rain erosion, and prevent the formation of frost caused after the winter due to water seepage brick burst again. "In the Ming dynasty built the the Great Wall when used is 37 dust." Chen Shu Shi stressed that the design scheme takes into account the historical situation. In addition, he also said in a September 26th blog post, "the beginning of the construction of the wall, lime soil compaction, the brick or plaster stone or plaster." The media reported that, according to the multi confirmed this section of the Great Wall in repair of suspected illegal use of cement, and repair in less than two years, there has been the phenomenon of surface subsidence, wall bulge etc.. Designer voice: hair.相关的主题文章: