Reminder Spanish royal society nearly 8 times in the face of Bettis unbeaten home court rewrite攻略�

Reminder: Spanish royal society nearly 8 times in the face of Bettis unbeaten home court forecast analysis []: the Royal Society vs La Liga football Royal Bettis start time: 2016-10-01 02:45 injury summary: Royal Society injured: Yuri (guard), Martinez (You Wei)? The royal society the main defender E Lou Stone this round will be suspended. Royal Bettis is doubtful: Mandy (centre) – injured: Sanaa (winger) analysis of hunting ball: Royal Society Royal Society? This season zhanba 6 recorded a record of 2 wins, 1 draws and 3 defeats, ranked eleventh in the league standings, the League will be based in the Royal Bettis home court. The Royal Society? All year round in the Spanish League ranked in the upper reaches, which belongs to the relegation worries, but it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the team, the overall strength than the Royal Bettis. The Royal Society? The last round of League away 0-2 defeat to the general strength of the ED, the overall performance is very disappointed, the main defender E Lou Stone at the start of the game after 24 minutes to receive a red card ejected, the game will be suspended, a heavy blow to the morale of the team. It is worth mentioning that? The Royal Society is good at home court battle, from previous confrontation, the Royal Society recently 8 times in the face of home court Royal Bettis recorded 4 wins and 4 draws unbeaten record, the last 1 meetings in the last season with a 2-1 victory, the Royal Society of great advantage of home court visible. As for the league? Since the start of the Royal Society, winning only 33% of the overall state, more uncertain, the last round 0-2 defeat at Ewald, the first round they had in the 4-1 victory over La Palmas home court, the home court attack again naturally deserves to be pursued. ? as for core lineup, the Royal Society was once played for Real Madrid striker and Ilya Di door, is Humian, in addition to the main striker Carlos Bela, and the young William Jose in the season before the 5 round with 3 goals and 1 assists, the performance of the more eye-catching. The Royal Royal Bettis Bettis? The first 6 rounds of the season recorded a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats, ranked tenth in La liga. ? Royal Bettis belongs to the level downstream Liga team, this season’s start is smooth, the first 6 rounds only lost 2 times, on the weekend at home court to a 1-0 victory over Malaga, harvest second win of the season. Royal Bettis will visit? The Royal Society, in the past, the recent 5 times at the Royal Bettis winless past 2 opponents, but was scored 7 goals, the team seems to be difficult to adapt to the opponent’s home court atmosphere, the Royal Bettis in absolute psychological inferiority. ? as for the lineup, the Royal Bettis this summer to introduce the Dutch midfielder Gutierrez, purchased from Montpelier midfielder Martin as well as the acquisition of Rome striker Sana Bria, spending is mainly concentrated in the front. In addition to the Royal Bettis last season? The main striker Castro scored 19 goals in La Liga particle, the Spanish players second scorer, personal strength is no doubt, in the new season)相关的主题文章: