Sixteenth West will be opened today in Sichuan made aircraft VR equipment suction eye 霍金hawking

Sixteenth West will be opened today in Sichuan made aircraft VR equipment suction eye in November 2nd, the staff of the Expo VR equipment debugging. Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Yang Shangzhi photography Yang Tao) from November 3rd to November 14th, with "China and Western world opportunities" as the theme of the sixteenth session Chinese West International Expo will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, guests, 91 countries and regions, more than 9000 well-known enterprises will participate in. The Expo will set up 16 national pavilion, the number of all the most. In addition, the establishment of 9 professional museum, involving equipment manufacturing, aviation, emergency industry, electronic information and other industries. The event has not yet curtain, Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, the exhibition hall is crowded. 2, the reporter found that the museum, the exhibition hall has been basically completed the framework, in addition to the VR experience equipment, aircraft, new energy vehicles, intelligent robots, such as a group of Sichuan made, but also attracted the eyes of pedestrians. The plane is undoubtedly the most pull the eye big". The scene a total of 11 Sichuan manufacturing, assemble the aircraft for the Expo luster, including Czech and Zigong cooperation manufacturing fixed wing light aircraft made in Deyang, "Schwarzer", "little squirrel" and other small models. July 2015, AVIC Sichuan aviation authority reached an agreement with Czech airlines, produced in Zigong Czech SKYLEADER type 600 2 seat light aircraft, in September 26th this year, the first two light aircraft assembled in Zigong successfully completed the first flight. "Private can also buy this aircraft, the equivalent of a sports car." The exhibition staff said. This year is known as the first year of VR". The West will be set up for the first time the VR AR museum will bring a unique vision experience for the audience, which is part of the game facilities free and open to the audience. 2, 2009, the VR area of the Chengdu Museum has been basically completed, VR equipment all in place, some of the equipment has begun to run. Scene of a Guangzhou VR exhibitors quite eye-catching, not only VR seats, tanks, roller shape VR experience equipment is also placed in a prominent position. Staff, as long as you sit up, you can really experience the feeling of sitting on the tank, roller coaster is also true." In Chengdu Museum, the local 59 companies will bring rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, military and civilian integration of the latest industrial technology, many of which are black technology". An entrepreneurial team is debugging of intelligent robot, the staff said, "don’t look at it if you want to play badminton ugly in appearance, and can not find partners, this robot can always accompany you to practice." 9 hall, the two row of new energy vehicles neatly placed on the scene, the staff proudly said that the production of these vehicles from parts to assembly, are completed in Sichuan.相关的主题文章: