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Medicine Acne has become awful disease for modern day people, especially girl. People just cant wait to get rid of red pimple in their face. A lot of quick-cash seeker may offer you product that can clean your acne in a day. However, sadly to say, what works for one may not work for others. The most important things to remember when it comes in terms of acne treatment is not about magical product that can remove your acne problems in a night. But knowing the simple rule of lifestyle is all you need to solve your acne problem. For example, you must never be pop your pimples no matter how desperate you want. Another example is knowing what you eat can make significant different in getting rid from your acne in long term as we know that oil is the number one cause of acne. Another things to bear in mind is give time for something to works. You can purchase hundreds of dollars acne treatment product but without give it a time to works it will do you nothing. Choosing your acne treatment products is something that cannot be counted on your friend’s opinion. Because every people has different skin condition. So when choosing your acne treatment products you have to try yourself what works for you and what not. Or you can simply consult to doctor or professional to know what best to do. Not only they can point you out on what works best for your skin type but also they can save you from months of trial and error. The worse thing about acne is not of acne itself but because psychology condition it may impact. When you feel low self esteem because you have over-extended acne remind yourself that others too have same problems with yours. You may want to create your own discussion group to support each other along the way. Don’t worry about whether others may want to join your discussion group or not just simply ask for it. You will be shocked at how many people that will become your new friend-in-needs. 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