Boundaries Make Life Better By 马菲坚尼

In this article Im going to reveal two elements to attracting money using the Law of Attraction. As youll soon find out, we have a lot of extra baggage when it comes to money, so special care needs to be taken. Making use of these keys into our lives will allow you to go beyond those problems you have to attracting abundance, and youll explore real world financial results very quickly. If you neglect these keys, youll find yourself continually banging your head against the wall, wondering why the Law of Attraction is not working when it comes to money. Element #ONE: Do not aim on money but the end desire Unfortunately many of us get caught in this trap of trying to manifest or attract a certain amount of money. We aim on the idea of manifesting $10, 000 or whatever it is. This can work, its just not optimal. You see, 1 of the basis to getting the Law of Attraction in high potential is burning desire. In general, we have a far greater desire to be, do or have the eventual thing that the wealth is going to get us. For example, if we desire $10, 000 to get out of debt. Focusing on attracting a debt free life wells up far more desire than simply the arbitrary $10, 000. Do you see how that works? Abundance is most often just a means to an end. Target on attracting the end goal, rather than the means. Key #TWO: Increase your vibration in attracting wealth It simply means that you work your feelings towards money. You must know that negative feeling or feeling of resistance or stress or worry that you get when you think about money? That could be a big reason why Law of Attraction is not working for you. It might sound counter-intuitive but its your feeling of non-ease thats creating the financial problem. Not the other way around. If you will start feeling better on money, and it will come to you much more easily. So what do you need to do? Well, one of my favorite methods is EFT. For extra points you can use EFT with the choices method to choose to feel great about money. Another great method of increasing your vibration with relation to money is to make a journal that focuses on being greatful for having money. In this journal you could write down 10 things per day, in relation to money that you are grateful for. It does not neccesarily mean that you have the money even if you are broke right now you could write entries such as: I am grateful that money exists because it empowers to exchange my goods and services for other goods and services. I am grateful for the fact that I can go out and wash cars to earn money if I have to. I am grateful for the fact that the bank gives me credit when I need it. Those are just a handful of examples you could use, even when times are tough. Now that you have a solid grasp of these ideas, what you need to do right now is think about what that money will allow you to do, be or have. Then make that your primary focus. 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