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Arts-and-Entertainment I received a letter from a reader asking "What is the easiest way to housetrain our Pomeranian (8 week old) puppy. What should I use and how regularly must grooming be done (brushing, trimming…)? Are they affectionate puppies normally? In answer I advised: Hi Jeannie I will answer each of your questions one at a time on .Pomeranian Puppy Training A – It will take lots of patience and perseverance. Some pups can take several months or so to train. Never allow the puppy to have free reign in your home until he is fully hpusetrained. When you are home keep your puppy with you at all times. When you go out the house either put your puppy in a crate (never for more than three hours at a time) or block him off in a closed area (study, utility room or kitchen) with a gate. Neutering your pup by four or six months of age will help, and can prevent your pup from getting into the habit of peeing. Put newspaper or puppy pads in an allotted area for your pup to make use of. If he has an mistake but you don’t catch him don’t scold him for doing it. your pup won’t comprehend what he’s done wrong. If you catch him in the deed, firmly say "NO" and take your pup outside. Do not rub his nose in it. Clean up the mess completely. Using a cleaner like Simple Solution will remove the marks and the odor. He can be conditioned to go in a specified zone in your yard and to do it on command. Take your pup to the same spot each time and use the identical command like, "Go Potty". Praise him when he does! Of course you’ll want to take your pup out often, especially after sleeping, eating, and playing. I was not able to utilize a crate for training. My pom would go toilet in it. I contained him off in the kitchen and set up a puppy litter box. I didn’t use dog litter but filled the litterbox with newspaper. Puppy pads would function as well. I would place my pup in the box and command, Go Potty. If he did I would praise him profusely. It took approximately two months and after I had my pup neutered at five and a half months my puppy was pretty much trained. I always lead my pup to the same area outside too. I kept my pup locked up in the kitchen when I had to go out the house for about the first year. Currently he has free reign when I am out. Having him litter box trained is great for when I am gone and when the weather is bad. (Rain, snow, etc.). My pup is now litter box trained and trained to go in a specific spot in the yard. Be patient and hang in there, you can make it happen!. Read more on .Pomeranian Dog Training B – Yes, poms are extremely affectionate pups! They are loving, intelligent, loyal, and make excellent companions. Read more on .Pomeranian Dog Training C – I utilize a steel pin wig cushion brush and a metal rat-tail comb. Only use a comb with tines that aren’t close together. I got the brush at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $3.99. I gently brush him first, then go over his coat with the comb. (My pom has a soft, fluffy undercoat with a profuse harsh-textured outer coat.) I also value an item called After Bath Conditioner by Professional Pet. I spray just a little on his fur before brushing. It makes it simpler to brush him out and keeps his coat static free. I brush him about three times a week. Pom’s eyes usually water often so I need to wash his face often. I wash his face about every other day with a washcloth and warm water. I wash his feet about twice a week and he gets a bath in the kitchen sink twice a month. Use a quality shampoo made for puppies. I was using a HyLyt by DVM. I recently bought PetGuard Shampoo and conditioner for Puppies. I haven’t tried it yet but I trust PetGuard. PetGuard was on Whole Dog Journal’s top ten list for canned dog food. I bought their canned dog food before and it is excellent. Actually, I never ate it but my dog did! It is most important to ensure you rinse out all of the shampoo from out of his coat. It is so important to dry his coat fully! Also, put cotton wool in his ears so you don’t get water in them. You might want to consider having him done by a professional groomer. . Read more on .Pom Puppy Care I would also recommend that you feed your puppy a high quality dog food. Don’t use commercial brands found in the local stores. (Alpo, Kibbles and Bits, Purina Beneful, Pedigree, etc.) They are junk. Science diet, Pro Plan, Eukanuba and Iams are better. If you really prefer to feed a higher-quality diet, buy one of these: Wellness, Spot’s Stew, PetGuard, Solid Gold, Canidae, Natural Balance, Neura Meats, Chicken Soup for the Soul or Wysong. Hope you appreciate your new puppy! Write me if you have any other questions. Some more info about the Pomeranian Dog also called the: (Dwarf Spitz), (Pom) or (Loulou) This breed of dog belongs to the Spitz family, which comes from the Prussian province of Pomerania. Due to herding qualities they were often used as sheep dogs. The breed was held by powerful royal families across the Continent and was popularized in England by Queen Victoria herself in the 18th century when she first opened a Kennel club to breed her Pomeranian. Later these dogs were bred smaller in size and became popular as Show dogs. General Description of the Pomeranian Dog Pomeranians are small, furry dogs with fox like features, and some others have pansy faces. These dogs have pointed, small erect ears, a wedge-shaped head, big expressive almond shaped eyes and their noses are either dark or they have the same color of the coat. Pomeranians often have a thick, bushy tail. Read more on .Pomeranian Puppy Care I can answer questions regarding nutrition ( what to feed, etc.), grooming, puppy behavior, how a pomeranian should display (breed standard), what you should know when looking to buy a pomeranian, how to tell a worthwhile breeder from bad, housebreaking methods, training methods, who ought to own a pomeranian and who ought not to. (Is this the right breed for you?), etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: