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Communications The Parrot SK 4000 is a wireless motorcycle communication & entertainment unit. It is not an intercom, but it is everything else. It will supply stereo music, FM radio and mobile telephone to your helmet via Bluetooth. This product is Look at what you get:. Look at what you get: 1. Control Unit 2. Handlebar Control Unit 3. Clamp, Microphone & Loudspeakers 4. Mains charger 5. Audio jack. 6. Allen key 7. Velcro pads 8. Operations Manual 1. The Control Unit, includes a power on/off button, 2 function buttons, volume control, an analog USB outlet. All neatly tucked into the round organizer installed on your helmet. 2. Installed on the handlebar is another control unit. This one also has several buttons: the audio select (phone, Bluetooth audio or analog audio), next station selector, previous station selector, and another up and down volume control. When the phone rings, it will override the music if you have selected a music audio source. 3. The whole unit is placed on your helmet, mic, speakers and all, by a clamp. Velcro strips are supplied for those who want it still more secure. The helmets that seemed to have trouble all were secured by moving the unit forward. The manual has good instructions for this. Charge up, and you’re ready to go. It is the same as a regular bluetooth; load the address book from your mobile phone into the unit and when you speak the person’s name, the unit will call that person. It will hold up to 8000 names and numbers. We have yet to meet anyone who needs more! Of-course, you won’t be making calls while on the road. You’ll pull off to the side for that, won’t you?! The remote control on your handlebar makes it easy to hang up. Or just speak to the Parrot SK 4000 unit. Not only can you listen to music and have it interrupted when a call comes in, the voice will tell you who is calling. When you change FM stations, it will name the stations as you scan. Just let your GPS discover what Bluetooth devices are nearby, select the Parrot, enter the password (0000) and you’re paired. Voila! Contact. If you’re on your own and want some "company" while you ride, listening to whatever music you want works out great. And if you need to be reachable by phone, you are. The Parrot SK4000 is not cheap, but you do get some really high tech communication and entertainment equipment that is definitely geared toward the motorcycle rider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: