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Data-Recovery For most companies the deployment of software has traditionally meant a product deployed at their premises, involving customized development, company-wide deployment, investment in product licenses and server space and so on. When this software is transformed into a service, a user accesses it over the internet, just as he or she would access any other web-based service, such as internet banking or airline reservation. Just as airline reservation sites do not require you to set up the ticketing software on your machine, the SaaS version of your business accounting software will not require you to install the application on your system. Instead, as a user you will be one among several tenants who will access a common base of code over a network, using the application on-demand, rather than having it licensed and installed at your end. This concept is popularly known as multi-tenancy. Multitenancy refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations. This coupled with the possibility of delivering a feature-rich experience, can compete with most on-premise applications. Before we go deeper into what SaaS actually is, it may be worth spending a few moments on dispelling a few common myths about what it is not. Some consider those offering their applications as a service the same as application service providers (ASP), whereas the truth is far from this. SaaS is not a web based product, rather it uses the web as a medium to deliver the application platform which would otherwise be installed on client machines. It involves the same amount of design and implementation complexities as any other application, except that it is comes with the flexibility of being offered on a web-based service platform. The next phase in the logical evolution of delivering IT services is now offered by GSS Infotech. Find out if your current technology Cloud friendly and understand different Cloud Platforms. Also enable Cloud Visioning with Proof-of-Point services. GSS Infotech is a preferred partner for IT services to over 200 customers worldwide. It offers world class services propelled by industry experts and a vast pool of professionally qualified work force operating across the globe. GSS, with its demonstrated excellence in Remote Infrastructure Management Services, Virtualization solutions and Application Management Services, is a partner of choice for Infrastructure optimization solutions. Reach out to GSSI GSS Infotech Block B, Third Floor, Cyber Gateway HITEC City, Madhapur Hyderabad – 500 081. AP. India. Tel: +91 40 44556600 Website:About the Author: Sumana Samuk is a free lance journalist. Graduated in Mass Communication, she deals with an array of topics that includes Travel, Technology, Law, Hospitality, Education, Publishing, Analytics and digital media. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: