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Mobil-Computing Due to unprecedented growth in the use of high powered mobile devices such PCs, tablets and smart-phones – along with the availability of high speed internet connections through 3G and Wi-Fi services -many companies have been forced to review the way their IT systems are designed. Extending IT Services to Mobile Personnel IT systems are no long constrained within the physical infrastructure of an office. With the advent of Cloud Computing and the general ubiquity of mobile technology, companies are looking at ways to leverage resources by offering efficient IT services to their mobile personnel. Progressive companies are integrating specific solutions and features in the form of mobile apps such as iPhone enterprise management systems, and apps targeting tablets to enhance the functionality of mobile personnel in a user-friendly and intuitive format. For example, sales people are now equipped with real time actionable information, allowing them to make dynamic business decisions while sitting across the table from a client. Also, a number of logistics companies offer custom applications to third parties that belong within their supply chain, helping to keep all parties involved updated on the status of goods in transit. Advantages of Enterprise Mobile Software Enterprise mobility solutions are becoming an increasingly significant part of IT infrastructure. Enterprise mobile software equips marketing and strategic planning professionals with information that helps them understand market opportunities, business trends, competitor verticals and the needs of end-users. Tools such as iPhone enterprise management solutions enable professionals to indentify vital factors that are needed to develop, as well as implement solutions in order to achieve organizational goals. Developing an Enterprise Mobile Software Solution The construction of a mobile enterprise application is non-trivial and demands a high level expertise in development. In contrast to the commercially popular games and applications that have made smart phones popular, enterprise applications need to be designed with a much deeper technical skill as well as care with respect to the needs of any business" IT infrastructure. The focus of these applications is to offer security, extensibility, scalability and integration. The primary goal of all enterprise mobility solutions is to enhance workforce productivity, increase success rates by offering mobile access to real-time client information, equip mobile personnel with the ability to make faster and more informed decisions at the point of action, increase sales cycles, and make more accurate and responsive forecasts for the business. With35% of the workforce relying on a strong mobile IT infrastructure, it is important for companies to be ahead of the game "" that means investing in strong mobility solutions to facilitate business growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: