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Have you ever run across anything called My Online Income System or MOIS for short? Anything at all? Well, I have a small quiz about the course and also a number of tips for you if you are already working the program. If not, the tips will be beneficial for other plans as well. My Online Income System Quiz(with the answers immediately after the questions): 1. What is My Online Income System? A. Home assembly jobs B. Affiliate Marketing training program C. Reading emails Answer: B After a significant amount of exploration and questioning, I revealed that My online income system is an incredible course. It promises that you will make a profit through partner programs. It contains a 60 day action plan that explains precisely what you will need to do to build money through affiliate marketing. 2. True or False? Does it possess a support structure for its members? Answer: TRUE! The system also includes a great members forum where you can acquire information from other individuals completing the 60 day action plan. The administrators of the forum are also really helpful when you are confused about a step or just need an understanding friend. It is an enormously supportive atmosphere. 3. My Online Income System vows to: A. Make cash B. Instruct you C. Help you get a man or woman Answer: C just joking a and b My online income system makes a relatively large promise at the start of the course. It states that you will not have to use extra money to earn money. The original cost of the affiliate marketing training course will be the only expense you must pay out. No nonsense!. Everything else that is presented throughout the 60 day action plan is not obligatory. They do mention getting the upgrade, but it is not required to finish the program or to earn money. 4. True or false? You will be trained how to use FREE materials to start your venture. Answer: ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Many of the free tools available on the internet can be used in this program. Blogs, forums and othe networking sites are great ways to promote the free website MOIS gives to you. This program is great for those just starting out in affiliate marketing because it will literally hold your hand through the entire process. You will not fail if you follow the plan step by step. For those of you who already have some experience, this course could still provide you some new information to improve your business. NICE JOB ON YOUR QUIZ!! I’M SURE YOU GOT EVERY ANSWER RIGHT!! Ok, here are the tips I promised I would tell you about: First: DO NOT move too fast!! Take it at your own pace because there is a ton of information for you to learn. You do not have any reason to feel the need to rush through this. Second: READ AND STUDY EVERYTHING! Ok, that sounds crazy I know but if you need my online income system to work out for you, reading everything is essential. There are tiny things in the information that can be easily missed so read it all carefully! Third: Post in the my online income system forum!! This is very vital if you would like to learn what to do. The people in forum are very supportive and can answer any question you ask. Fourth: Soak up what you read since you will be using the information presented over and over. It is very repetitive therefore simple to understand! Different Ways You Can Promote Affiliate Marketing Links By: Dane Parker – You may have signed up with an affiliate marketing opportunity, many have. But once you get your specialized links, you may hit a wall. Many people sign up as affiliates with big companies, and end up losing out in the future. Tags: Considering The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing By: Dane Parker – Right now there are a lot of people working on affiliate marketing campaigns. At first glance, you may not know what they are. 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