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Health What people usually say about the commercials on TV and on print may be true. No, it is not that these are believable but that these are often exaggerated. The same is said about the ads on microdermabrasion. Promoters would often boast that this whole process is absolutely painless and safe. They are not lying, of course, but they have stretched the fact too much in order to convince people to undergo this procedure. The truth is that you will certainly feel irritation once you go through it. However, it may indeed be very mild that it should be something you can bear. It is also relatively safe, which is why you can do it at home. Home microdermabrasion usually requires the application of particular creams that have crystals. It is these elements that will actually give way for abrasion. While rubbing it on your face, the crystals will offer the needed friction for your outer skin to be peeled off. After all this is skin that has to be removed for you to have a better and much more youthful appearance. Of course, when you think of the friction taking place on your face, you must expect some irritation to occur. But then again, the best thing here is that it must be bearable. There are cases when microdermabrasion may be a little painful though. This may occur when you have skin allergies or other skin conditions. Due to this, it is best for you to consult first a dermatologist before performing the procedure on yourself. As a matter of fact, even though you are considering to perform home microdermabrasion, you may still require a doctor just to ensure that this will not cause you harm instead. Generally speaking, the process is safe but there are people with unique skin concerns that make them unsuitable for this. If you are one of them, your doctor will surely warn you about it. Your doctor may also recommend that you go ahead with the process but you would need a much milder brand of creams or kits to do it. Microdermabrasion does not provide results overnight. It takes time before you can see the results, but it truly is one effective procedure and a healthy one too, given that you ask your dermatologist before you do it. With this process, you can get the best skin you can possess in ages for less cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: